Episode 3 – Uncouth Youth

11 06 2007

Hey guys. ^_^

Before I say anything else, let me tell you….this episode is SUPER LONG. It’s been like 2 hours since I finished recording it, and I’m still trying to catch my breath. Well….I hope that the episodes continue to stay this long, but if I don’t get some MP3s instead of e-mails, I don’t know if I can keep it up. So if you can, please get me some MP3s. If not, I’d still love to have your text e-mails. ^_^

So….It’s been a busy couple weeks. My summer internship started and I’ve been working 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Then once I get back home, I’ve been helping my sister study for her finals which are this week, actually.

On a brighter note, I got 12 E-mails and 2 people commenting on the blog. ^_^ It was a mixture of suggestions, comments, rants, etc. I LOVE IT!!! Much love to all those who sent in e-mails or posted comments on the blog. Aqua Road Radio would be nothing without you guys, so keep ’em coming! ^_^

In News this week…..nothing happened. May is over, but the 2nd Anniverasry Event is still underway, though I believe that Double EXP and Double Drop have ended. Hopefully….there’ll be more to talk about next time.

The Rant this episode is about the arrogance of some of the higher level characters. Although it’s more serious than last episode’s rant, I hope you guys enjoy it. ^_^

Well…I promised a few links, so here we go. Finding the right places to train is one of the hardest things to do. If you train at the “conventional” spot for you job and level, there’s almost always too many people there. If you train elsewhere, you usually get less EXP than you could have gotten. Justin asked about places to train, so here’re some sites with guides that I hope will help ^_^.

Basil Market

As for the Maple Story DS trailer…..it is so horribly bad. It makes no sense to me. If someone gets it, please explain this to me. Also, there’s a gameplay video up on YouTube. It shows how the game is actually going to work, and in reality….it looks pretty bad…..

MapleStory DS Trailer
MapleStory DS Gameplay Video

And here’s KIRBY_DS’s post about How Wiznet Should Make MapleStory DS

And finally, in response to what John said, Maroon 5’s Nothing Lasts Forever is AMAZING. And in fact, it reminds me of MapleStory every time I hear it. Click “Play” below to listen to it for yourself. ^_^

And now….the MOST IMPORTANT PART. If you look over to the right, under all the profile information, you should see an image that wasn’t there before. An image that says something about “MyChingo”. MyChingo is a site that lets you record yourself using a microphone through a java applet. Just click on the image. It’ll open up the Java applet. Type in your info, hit record, record a message, and click “Send Message” and I’ll get your message in an MP3 format. ^_^ Another way to get your voice up on Aqua Road Radio is through my newly created Voicemail Box. Just dial (641) 985-5999. Dial the extension (29728) and hit the # key. Go ahead and record your message and I’ll be able to download it as an MP3 and slip it right into the podcast. ^_^

Til next time. ^_^

~ Shravan

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 3



12 responses

12 06 2007
Chuunaru Nurima

Hiya all Nurima here.
First off, what a podcast! I love that episode!
It’s kinda sad though that my recording isn’t loud enough. What’s wrong? First of all, it wasn’t scripted. Recorded it right off the bat after I wrote a simple paragraph overviewing on what I should talk about.
Anyhow, keep up the good work. It’s really awesome.

14 06 2007

Hi again from Jimmbojones the level 58 cleric from Bellocan. As usual, awesome show!
In response to your rant about rude high-leveled people, I think it’s a sad reflection of our increasingly selfish and individualistic society and it doesn’t matter whether it’s in real life or in an online game, when people have power over another group or believe they are superior to another group for whatever reason, they will usually put themselves above that group, and dismiss the “inferior” group as subhuman, which they see as a justification for exploitation, objectification and oppression of that group. It’s been seen throughout history and is still happening today.
But then again, some people are just immature and forget that MMORPGs like MapleStory are primairily for making friends and socializing.


19 06 2007

Hey Shravan! Tyler here! i sent an e-mail to you again, and i loved the podcast this time. I would use MyChinko but i sound terrible over a mic XD so yea its another rant, although i don’t thinks it’s as good becuase it has no real structure and jumps around a lot. Thanks for the appluase man! Keep it up. Oh yea, contact me via my email, i got a suggestion!

22 06 2007

Congrats on level 70!!

-MysticRains in Windia

btw you should get profil3… unless you already have it, say it on the podcast ^_^

23 06 2007

I can do some Maple SEA things…
P.S. I am americian…….

24 06 2007

Hey Shravan, I gotta tell you, great Podcast! I completly agree with your rant.. Just the other day I was training at Ant Tunnel and some random guy came out of nowhere and started ks’ing me, until I had to leave…
But what really annoys me, I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but if your just hanging around a town or somthing, and someone defames you for no reason.
What do you think?

(IGN: Malarke, Scania)

25 06 2007

hey its godxtheif from bera. i wanna know if we can do something like basil market has site friends. my url is http://www.armyofgamerz.com also it used to be a hacking site but now im changing it to a gaming website. thanks let me know at davidxchoi@tmail.com email me anytime..

p.ps. your phone number always gives busy sound

28 07 2007

anyways the song doesn’t really click with me….love teh podcast tho ^^

14 08 2007

Hey man, first off , I must say your podcast is right your quite a inspirational maple story player. I totally agree with your rant on the Ks’ing and the rudeness of other players. For some reason, I was playing in ant tunnel, in the bottom lower half of the first map, and this guy come and ks’es me, when I politely ask him to CC, he just says “uh can you like *inster rudeness here like stfu and etc”
So I just CC myself, to resume training, and what the guy does is follow me and continue to Ks me! So I defamed him (he had it coming >_>) and he calls me a **ssy .Oh well. I guess thats what summmoning sacks are for. To destroy the players that annoy you, due to the lack of PvP

Well, good job on the podcast, im going to listen to the next one now ^^

Also I play on windia,my ign is shadowmozart

14 08 2007

That should have read “right on” dont know what happened – –

14 01 2008

I just started listening to Aqua Road Radio, because I’ve been considering getting back into MapleStory (I’ve played before but I lost my accound three times so I got fed up and quit). I was listening to your rant on this episode, and I completely agree. I am so tired of people KSing and just plain being rude. I remember training this one character when he first started playing. He ended up like twice my level, because he played more than me, and he came came back to KS me and rub it in my face. That’s one of the elements that caused me to quit.

19 12 2008

Nothing peeves me more than a KSer. I have a level 42 Cleric in Windia (NeppyAkiyama) and she doesn’t get KSed anymore, for some bizarre reason. But when I’m on as a lower level character (I’m making a rogue; Wajijilili), I get KSed all the time. When I ask them politely to stop or to change channels or go to a different part of the screen, they refuse. So I log on as my Cleric and KS them in return (I know; not very nice and I could’ve done something else) and they usually get the point. =P Either that or I go questing with my friends (people don’t usually KS from groups of people).

Nice job on the podcast!! ^^ I don’t have an iPod but I’ll listen anyway. =3

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