Episode 5 – The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

10 07 2007

Hey everyone. Episode #5 of Aqua Road Radio is out and do we have a show for you! ^_^ Just to let you all know, there’s plenty of times in this episode where the subject matter kinda goes off-topic, but hopefully, you guys will like it and hopefully it doesn’t bore you to death. ^_^

Well…in News this week, we talk about:

Leafre – Fiel’s Thread
HP Washing
An Emblem Generator
Strategy Wiki

We hope the information will be useful to you. ^_^

As for the Rant thingy, which is apparently, becoming less and less of a rant as we go along….we talk about our best and worst experiences of our MapleStory lives. I’m sure that some of you guys can relate to some of what we mention.

We also asked about a quest section and if you guys would be interested on hearing some of our opinions on various quests. The first suggestion was that we pick a random quest each week and go through all the nitty-gritty stuff about it. The second suggestion consisted of having you guys e-mail us with quests you’d like to hear about and we pick one out of those to go over for the episode. If you guys have any other ideas on how to do this, let us know. =P

Also, one of the e-mails we received, the one from Robert, was about pets and how us Maplers are actually influencing which pets we get. ^_^ It’s a great find. Thanks Robert! For all of those interested in checking it out and hopefully, volunteering some pet suggestions, you can find the GM Blog post here.

Like I stated in the episode, the phone number for the Voicemail Box has changed. The number has been changed on the blog, as you can see, so please use this one from now on. Thanks. ^_^

We hope you guys enjoyed the episode. =P

~ Shravan & Warez

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 5



6 responses

14 07 2007

Hey where did my song go? The on that I sent to you. lol i guess they can’t hear it then.

14 07 2007

Hi this was one of the best episodes to me!!

17 07 2007

go wherez and srevan this is 0omega02 the one who stated about the quest sectoin

19 07 2007

Awesome podcast. I emailed you at foodboy1993@yahoo.com. Definately the best.

11 05 2011

That was a really awesome post man! really loved going through it.. bookmarked your site and will keep checking it often. thanksa lot

14 07 2017
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