Episode 6 – VR Meets RL

9 08 2007

Hey everyone! ^_^ It’s been quite a while since the last episode came out and I know you’re all itching to listen to it. I know you guys don’t want to listen to excuses, but Warez and I got this episode out as soon as we could. I’m in the last week of my summer internship (done in 2 days!) and, therefore, have been overrun with last minute work.

We would like to thank you guys for being patient and understanding.

Well…for those of you who are wondering about the title, VR = “Virtual Reality” and RL = “Real Life”, just to clear that up. ^_^  We’ve been getting  a few questions about it.

In this episode, we ramble on and on about the most random things. However, we do touch a few important topics. For instance, we talk all about New Leaf City, along with Patch v.0.40. ^_^

The news items this week, in our opinion are some of the best we’ve had and I’m sure you guys will feel just as offended or horrified as we were at some of them. You can find the links to the news items below. ^_^

MapleStory on Fox
Permanent Bans are Back
China seeks to “limit game hours”
RPG Kidnapping
MapleStory iTCG

Additionally, this episode introduces 2 new sections. The first is a quick short section called “Newbie Tips”, in which we discuss (briefly) a single tip for the new player. This section will most likely be in each episode henceforth. =P

The second section in a more in-depth section and most probably will not make an appearance in every episode. However, we hope you guys find it highly helpful.

You’ll find both of these sections through their respective tabs at the top of this page (directly under the title image). ^_^

As a final note, Aqua Road Radio is now affiliated with Hidden Street. ^_^ You can find them under the affiliates section, by the end of today, and you’ll find us under their affiliate section before too long. ^_^We hope you ❤ this episode.
We’ll see you again in a couple of weeks. ^_^

~ Shravan & Warez

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 6



7 responses

10 08 2007

yay first comment ^_^ and this episode sounds long and good, worth the wait

19 08 2007

lvl 43 cleric in bera

i hated that fox coverage on ms. it was complete BS and i sent them a letter about that and they only showed some stupid kids who wanted NX and made it to be like to catch a predator. gosh i hate the news even more

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