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9 08 2007

Hey guys! ^_^ Two posts in like 2 days… o_O I know, right?

Anyway, just wanted to introduce you guys to our new site. ^_^ We have tabs at the top, and a sidebar to…uh…the side…right. ^_^

So anyway, we wanted to know what you thought of this site. Please leave us feedback on this new site in the comments on this post. If a bunch of people don’t like it, we’ll switch back to the old one. But yeah. Take a look around and let us know.

Hope you guys love it,

~ Shravan & Warez

P.S. – Please use this post’s comment section only for feedback on the site.  All things regarding Episode 6 should go in the comments of the post below this.  Thanks. ^_^



8 responses

10 08 2007
Barento Mohammed

Wow, ncie new website, its cool 8 ]

10 08 2007
Jarred Torres

Hey its not all that but I still love it because of the new tabs you should totaly keep it^^

11 08 2007

hey i like the new site =D i think that you should change the background color for blue like the old one but i like it =D

15 08 2007

Hey! This podcast lyk totally PWNS! 5/5

16 08 2007

dudes your podcast rox my socks!!!
lvl 43 Cleric in Bera
Clerics Rule!!!!

20 08 2007

IGN: Jinn10
Lv 45 hunter in Broa

You guys rock! You’re like the Dray’s of Podcasting =) (except of course most of your stuff or factual and somewhat on a more serious tone, but not really serious)

PS. For those who don’t know who Dray is (but seriously who doesn’t), he’s a mapler who makes vids on youtube (really good vids). Some which real maplers in maple story (most being high ranking people like tiger) and others that are fictional and edited. Check him out. his user is dray86 (not dray86real or anything else, just dray86) =)

20 08 2007

you guys are awesome~~~~!

when is episode 7 coming out?

27 08 2007
Jarred Torres

if your planning on changing the background color make it a Blue Teal color so it goes with the theam=)

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