Episode 7 – Giant Tomato

28 08 2007

Hey guys! ^_^ So we were all ready to record and then, out of nowhere, we get this patch, and all of a sudden, we’re way behind on everything. This patch wasn’t even like a minor thing. It gave us two new cities to look through and explore. But in the end, we managed to record it relatively quickly, so here it is. ^_^

In News this episode, we discuss the new and upcoming MapleStory Anime, Giant Tomatoes, MapleThai, and, of course, Patch Ver. 0.41. It’s quite a bit to take in and this episode runs a little less than 1.5 hours. ^_^

This week, we brought around Newbie Tips for the 2nd time and even included a whole new section called Quest Corner. Hotspots also made its second appearance and we hope that all three are useful to you guys.

Anyhoo…we hope you guys enjoy this episode. ^_^

~ Shravan & Warez

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 7



11 responses

28 08 2007
Jarred Torres

Hey warez i can barely hear you when you speak…o.0?
and I Think this is the best episode ever!!!! And I want to fight a giant tomatoe=(

28 08 2007
Jarred Torres

o yea and the dolphin has no wait you click it and it takes you straight to herb town=)

28 08 2007

Yeah, Warez you’re a bit quieter than Shrevan. Mebbe turn your mic options up? Or make Shrevan quiter and then we can just turn the overall volume up ^_^

28 08 2007

*quieter >_>

28 08 2007

its still loading for me, i cant wait! i just looked to see if they had any and, oh look, giant tomato!

30 08 2007

the tomato is an exclusive boss to EMS event
your show rocks out loud

30 08 2007

Yeah the day when anyone can lv once a day would be when Giant Tomatoes attack GMS

30 08 2007

anyone over lv 35 I mean

31 08 2007
Clio (claire)

lvl 43 Cleric

hey guys, had a question for you. when i was on my way to hene from ellinia, i keep seeing this portal in the forest east of henesys in the top left and i just can’t seem to get through it. Some girl came up there and she went right through it and i went wtf??!?! any idea what it is?
thanks guys
you rock!

31 08 2007

Awesome show guys! Keep up the great work. NEXON just wants to annoy us with this whole tomato thing huh? Or maybe its a taunt! DARN YOU NEXON! DARN YOU!!!

29 10 2007

Check this video out- that tomato is pretty crazy.

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