Episode 8 – $16 Million/Month

20 09 2007

Muhahahaha! Finally! This week was sooooooo chock full of homework, that although we recorded this episode last Saturday, I didn’t have time to edit it until today. Actually, if you notice, there’s a new addition to the sidebar. It’s an “Episode Timer” that gives you guys the status of the next episode. ^_^ Also, I know a couple of you guys have asked about getting some kind of chat box up on this site so you can talk to each other and/or us, and it’s a great idea, but we’re still trying to figure out how to work out some of the little details.

Anyway, in News this week, we have an update on the MapleStory Anime. Also, we have the press release from the Keynote Conference that Minho Kim gave.

Hope you guys enjoy this episode. ^_^

~ Shravan & Warez

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 8