Episode 9 – Nexonism

16 10 2007

So I know we’ve kept you guys waiting like forever, but we’re back! ^_^ Episode 9 is all about the suckage-ness of Nexon. We actually end up making ourselves depressed, so blame Nexon. >_> I’ll try to keep from blurbing too much here, cause I’m sure you’re all eager to get to the episode, but I want to give you guys a couple of links to those TV commercials we talk about in this episode:

MapleStory Commercial: Fish
MapleStory Commercial: Pig
MapleStory Commercial: Snails

Anyhoo…another really super important thing I’d like to point out is that because of college and/or life, Warez and I might not be able to record when we originally planned. Therefore, to make it easy for you guys to know what’s up, we’ve added a part to the right-hand sidebar called the “Episode Timer”. This was added right after the last episode came out, but I’m mentioning it now, in case you guys haven’t seen it yet. If the recording date is postponed, you should see an excuse/reason there as well. ^_^

As always, hope you love the episode. ^_^

~ Shravan & Warez

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 9



17 responses

16 10 2007

Yay 1st comment!
Hiies Shravan and Warez~~I’m from all the way from asia,playing maplesea.I juz luv ur podcast!hope to ear from u guys soon!

16 10 2007

Sorry,its not ear but hear* lols
im a loyal listener to ur podcasts! Love you guys~~Im a beginner in maplesea..in fact a permanent one….lvl32 lols but im gonna be lvl33 soon…alrite then cya guys soon bb~~=)

16 10 2007

Woot new episode =D i rlly liked it =)

Greets bnoppie

17 10 2007

Great episode!So sorry to hear that warez got banned…..hope u will soon be able to play again…!Yea!I agree that Nexon sucks!Totally agree with u guys~~~Cya soon Bye!

17 10 2007
"Rains or Whatever"


Ima get you

17 10 2007

WE should all open tickets to ask for a way to ignore them. like have an option to turn it off.

17 10 2007

ignore them meaning ignore he smegas

17 10 2007

Yeah im sorry warez but nexon dose suck but there are to many posotive things in maple SO DONT QUIT 😀 GREAT PODCAST!

17 10 2007

Ok yea, I think nexon needs to be shot for banning warez, i mean he is like the best. they should have a maple population rating and both u guys would be number 1!!!


17 10 2007

Link to a great comic(made by a guildie) that illistrates the new Smegas

18 10 2007

thanks for sharing coldshadow XD

18 10 2007


watch… pretty weird… u can ride a pig thing… o.O

20 10 2007

hihi lolz I play in mSEA too, sry to hear that you got banned Warez, these people just aren’t efficient, same goes to Asiasoft i bought some cash cards that won’t work. Left a report, till today no action has been taken….

21 10 2007
Charlie(aka. Bag3l)

Yoooo I just finished listening to ALL of your podcasts and hope to leave a voiced message for you all soon!

Uh and oh… i’m Bag3l on Bellocan *woot* and if you need any techinical help like for artsy stuff or like musical stuff, uhh wait… ill figure out something later but yeah byez 😛

24 10 2007

I have been called a freak alot… and being a freak has its benifiets i was made a jr in a guild, in under 3 days, due to the fact that i play 3 – 10 hours a day… HURRAY FOR NERDS WITH NOTHING BETTER TO DO! (and side note, i have been training my main for ”MAYBE” 2 months and i am 57, it is fairly easy to get to lvl 100 in under a year if you have the time and the patience.

24 10 2007

hey guys good work on the nexonism thing… but a VERY friendly warning… i would not diss nexon to much to fast… or they might drop a bomb on you guys… and i dont want aqua road of the air… ILY GUYS!!! ^_^

15 11 2007

Hey great podcast you guys. Hope you get your account back soon warez (and hope you don’t go off rankings).

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