Episode 10 – The Sixth Sick Shiek’s Sixth Sheep’s Sick

6 11 2007

Hey guys! ^_^

Episode 10! We’re in double digits! =P

Anyway…this episode doesn’t contain much News cause the last two patches sucked majorly and were more or less useless. But, we do talk about Pirates! Check out the Pirate’s Skill List.

Also, the Maple iTCG is out. >_> Warez and I both agree that it’s meh-worthy, but check it out for yourself. ^_^

Other than that, we’ve got the Slime Tree for this week’s HotSpot and Bob’s quest for our Quest Corner.

Hope you guys enjoy the episode. ^_^

DOUBLE DIGITS!!! Whoooooo!

~ Shravan and Warez

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 10