Episode 11 – Uhhhh….

8 12 2007

So after a foreverly-long delay, we’re back with Episode 11. ^_^

In this episode, you guys are treated to a rant by Warez (which we didn’t edit at all), a gazillion (10, actually) voicemails (which we didn’t edit at all), and a few e-mails from you guys (which we didn’t edit at all)…. >_> So you might be wondering what exactly I edited….

Well….we introduced a new section in this episode, which, of course, we hope you enjoy. ^_^ The news was all stuff that you guys prolly already know about cause it’s been like forever since the last time we recorded. >_>

But anyhooses….we hope you guys enjoy this episode even though Warez and I were like dead tired through like the whole thing. =P

~ Shravan & Warez

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 11

EDIT:The party’s location has been moved, due to the demand of like everyone. ^_^ Because it’s hard for newly created characters to get to Ludi, the party has been moved to Maya’s house in Henesys. The time has not changed.