Episode 14 – &r.9?A7zX$3+

29 05 2008

Hi everybody! ^_^

I really wanted to get this out by this morning, but the FTP software I use was acting up, so I actually had to upload it through a website, which took FOREVER. Also, the episode ended up being just over 2 hours and 24 minutes long. It took a total of 12 hours and 15 minutes to edit (5 PM to 10:15 PM one night and 10 PM to 5:30 AM last night >_>). I guess we were rusty or something. T_T

Anyway, we cover like 7 patches and Warez ended up writing like a 8 page Party Center segment, so we’ve got quite the episode for you. We also talked a bit about marketing in MapleStory and how to go about making and saving some money. This week’s Newbie Tip is about security: what you can do to prevent hackers from getting to your account.

So hope you guys enjoy our first episode back and we hope to hear from a lot of you. ^_^

~ Shravan & Warez

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 14

Let’s Party!

13 05 2008

     To celebrate the 3rd year of MS, the return of the prodigal Shravan and new episodes of ARR I hereby announce our Second Listener Appreciation Party!!!!  I’m thinking June 7, that easy to remember! It’s a Saturday and a new episode should be out a good while by then.  Hopefully that will be enough time for the people who don’t come to this blog-site, but just listen to the podcast.  It gives the loyal blog readers extra heads up; spread the word ok?  I don’t want to wait longer. 

      It will be in the evening, 4:30 PST (7:30 EST) is equally inconvenient to a majority of our listeners.  We need a better location; I am thinking that the bowman job place, where Athena Pierce is, would be awesome.  It’s easy for a new character to get to. If you don’t know where it is, just go to the HPQ area and keep walking right. It is a nice big indoor area that’s almost always abandoned and lots of outside area where we can spill over.  And I do believe that a person could spawn a MM there (subtle hint).   We will officially welcome Shravan back and I will give away some door prizes (You have to chat me on location to register for the prizes.)   Hope to see you there!

Warez back from AWOL

6 05 2008

Man, Leva….get a grip please…. although you do have a small point. Sorry for going AWOL (absent w/o leave ..a military term) folks. I just got swamped in the start of this year. I had all good intentions to carry on and was totally sincere about tentative dates. I got overwhelmed at work (new promotion and responsibilities) and at home and even in MS….guild hack crisis amongst other things. So I do feel a bit bad about not updating the blog to let you guys in…..so thats what I’ll give to you Neva. ON THE OTHER HAND…..we never promised anyone a rose garden. In point of fact we have gone to great pains to tell all listeners NOT to count on us LOLS. Can I quote myself? “WE ARE UN – RE – LI – A – BLE !”

I can’t remember how many times we said things like this. Guess what Leva? Although we are starting it up again ………WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO STOP PODCASTING AT ANY POINT AND WITHOUT WARNING!!!! You can bank on us having good reasons for it if it does happen, and we will inform you if possible, but we have to have priorities. As I have said to many people in game, mine go like this: Family>Career>Health>Happiness>MapleStory>Podcast. Sorry, I truly do value you listeners, but you guys are at the end of that priority chain. Simply HAS to be that way. Or else RL will get hosed for me and I COULDNT do a podcast if my life depended on it. If you are to be mentally healthy you must have a priority chain similar to that AND ………. NEVER count on something like a podcast to bring you happiness. You have no control over it. Don’t COUNT on what you don’t have control over and you chances for happiness are much better.

On nicer note…..my RL pressures are easing up lately and show signs that it will continue. This will free up time that can be used for podcasting purposes. xD Its an awesome sign that I can write this at work; my lunch break is often when I did research and wrote stuff for the show. This is the first week this year that I have had lunchtime open. Also I am reviewing the hodgepodge of material that I did work on in the interim and see much that can be used soon or in the future. I want to continue pushing for things started in the break. For example, much greater listener input and occasional guests and guest co-hosts to bring in much requested views from other worlds and jobs.

Looking back I think I was needing a break from it. Well I got one. We’ll try to set it up so that it can be a little smoother if we need breaks in the future, but remember don’t count on it………..we’re unreliable.

Episode 13 – ARR Never Died!

3 05 2008

Hey guys! ^_^

It’s been like forever, so I figured I’d say “yo”. I’m not actually “officially” back yet; my last final is next Friday, so I’ll be back into MS next weekend.

Anyway, I do talk about a super short single news segment and I owe you guys a scan of an article, which I’ll get up as soon as I can.

So basically, this is a short teaser to let you guys know that we’re not dead! T_T Actually….I gotta find Warez. ^_^ I haven’t had a change to chat with him yet so I hope he doesn’t take it too hard that I put this up…… o_O

Also, I need info on the latest happenings in MapleStory and so I’d greatly appreciate any and all information I can get my hands on, so if you guys could, send me an e-mail (you know what it is: aquaroadradio@gmail.com ^_^) about the things going on these days. =P

See you in-game next week. ^_^

~ Shravan & Warez

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 13