Episode 13 – ARR Never Died!

3 05 2008

Hey guys! ^_^

It’s been like forever, so I figured I’d say “yo”. I’m not actually “officially” back yet; my last final is next Friday, so I’ll be back into MS next weekend.

Anyway, I do talk about a super short single news segment and I owe you guys a scan of an article, which I’ll get up as soon as I can.

So basically, this is a short teaser to let you guys know that we’re not dead! T_T Actually….I gotta find Warez. ^_^ I haven’t had a change to chat with him yet so I hope he doesn’t take it too hard that I put this up…… o_O

Also, I need info on the latest happenings in MapleStory and so I’d greatly appreciate any and all information I can get my hands on, so if you guys could, send me an e-mail (you know what it is: aquaroadradio@gmail.com ^_^) about the things going on these days. =P

See you in-game next week. ^_^

~ Shravan & Warez

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 13



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3 05 2008

OMG, Shravan! You’re back! Awesome man, I hope everyone keeps checking this site to know you’re back. Also, woo first comment. I’m just so glad that ARR is coming back ^_^. I checked EVERY DAY to see if it was back and it is! woo, I’m just so happy ^_^.

-Justin,First Comment man =]

3 05 2008

Omg it lives, yay!

3 05 2008

dude this rocks your coming back just as soon as showa comes to gms and im glad your back and im lvl 48 as im typing this

3 05 2008


Shravan is back!!!

3 05 2008

Wait, is showa really going to come out in the next patch like next week?

3 05 2008

I never doubted ARR for a second!

3 05 2008


3 05 2008

Just checked the site randomly, and there’s a new episode.

Welcome back, Shravan? 😀

3 05 2008

WOOT! you’re back! i’ve been listening to repeats of your show for the last month while playing maple. Btw, what college do you go do? I’m goin into college and i dont know how maplestory will work out there. Just wandering how u fit maple and college together

4 05 2008

Well hey shravan, yeah I’ve been trying to keep everyone at bay on the comments. Uhh, warez wanted to work on it, but never really found the time, he was going to guest host nuri XD, uhh yeah tons happened in ms, I mean what can you expect after a 5 patches right? lol

4 05 2008

Woohoo! I almost forgot about the podcast, but then it just showed up without me knowing it. A gift from above! Anyways, good luck with that final, we all hope you’ll ace it!
You’ll have to tell us your window of knowledge before we can tell you the new stuff, I for one don’t want to give you duplicate stuff.

4 05 2008

Lol, South Korea’s population is about 50 million people. Which means that 12,500,000 people play Maplestory in South Korea. Wow.

4 05 2008

It’s about time.

4 05 2008

I read Leva’s comment, I can’t believe how mean it was. I never lost hope! I knew you guys would come back! Let me tell you a story: In school I started a newspaper with my friends, it only had a few issues but everybody loved it. I really enjoyed making them but I was overwelmed with school, and sports so I just quit the paper. After that everybody hated me. They told me that I would never accomplish anything in life. They told me I was a quitter. I was crushed. I told them I was just swamped with school work. I told them that if they liked the paper so much, then why don’t you just start one themselves! That made the teasing worse. And not just that, it led up to bullying too. I know how you guys feel. 😦

5 05 2008

I woke up my sister because I was spazzing out at eleven last night because you came back. 8D
-runs off to email-
I can’t very well help with the 4th job and leafre and such… but I CAN help with the Orbis ride goof, the Monster Carnival, and the Valentines day event! :3

5 05 2008

I necer doubted ARR for a second…. Well actually I did doubt it for a second sorry
On the happy side Arr is BACK W00t YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Shraven

J.K. Shravan

5 05 2008

Woot go Shraven your back! You didn’t have to stop rambling i think 70% of the ARRs fans love to hear you ramble!
It seems like Nexon is loseing most of its community to Private Servers.
It seems like i am one of them XP. If you wanna see what server you can click my name 😛 (its in beta, yes its working and My Ign and forum name is MaxEight
I can tell you more about it if you want.

The New Stuff in MapleStory
~Leafre: Horntail Just came out, also the level 200 mob (a dragon)
~Showa: Coming out today for Patch ver. 54
~You now have the multi-pet option after ver. 54 (idk wat it does)
~More Quest
~The “Monster Carnival is out, very useful for EXP (30,000 per win)
Look it up for more info

5 05 2008


12 05 2008


20 05 2008

Hearing your voice makes me think of bunnies dancing in a garden while the sun burns brightly above man kind while birds and butterflies flutter 🙂

31 05 2008

That was my warm fuzzy for the day. 😀

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