Episode 15 – Newbie Tips Galore

30 06 2008

Hey guys! ^_^

First of all, let me apologize for all the delays incurred. We wanted to record on the 21st, but we had that whole Tespia thing we wanted to try out. In the end, it worked, so I guess it was a good thing, but due to scheduling conflicts, Warez and I weren’t able to record until this last Wednesday. I would have had this up by Saturday night, but Audacity decided to somehow change the name of the file and all the paths and not find the file when I only had another 1/2 hour left to edit.

So I gave up on Audacity and got/tried an new program called Amadeus Pro (yes, Amadeus is Mozart’s middle name) and it works BEAUTIFULLY. So I’ll definitely be dishing out some cash to get this (it’s not free, but it’s not like $599 like all those super professional applications).

Anyway, enough with my excuses.

This episode features…..surprise! Newbie Tips. Actually, that’s what it was supposed to feature, but the News took up like over half the time and by the time we got the the Newbie Tips we were pretty much like the living dead. We made a couple of predictions on Patch 0.57 (we recorded the night they were patching) and some of them came true. ^_^

Also, I ask you all to pay attention to the ending (somewhere around when I declare it’s time for the closing notes). We have a question for you guys that needs answering ASAP. =P

I hope you guys enjoy listening to it. ^_^

~ Shravan & Warez

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 15