Episode 18 – Good grief…Her again!

31 10 2008

Happy Halloween.  We were in the twilight Zone for this episode. You can tell because we’re kind of spacey and rambly in the beginning, but we get more coherent as it goes on.  Spazzcakes did really well at the transition editing, but struggled with volume equalization.  (Many people have told me that they notice the volume issues, but that it is acceptable as is. Therefore we will concentrate efforts on the upcoming episode, instead of trying to improve this one!)

This is another long episode. After I said we’d try to make them shorter. -_-  We cover Singapore, then there is a lot of listener contributed features.  Two Newbie Tips, a HotSpot, a Quest Corner, a Party Center, Bag3l’s newest Jukebox (ty Bag3l), another HotSpot, another Quest Corner and finally a ton of vmails and emails.

We need to make these things shorter….no really. xD

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 18

~ Warez & Shim