Official AquaRoadRadio Guild in Windia

24 11 2008

Yeah yeah I know we said we would never do this but……Well see many listeners have joined HS-Windia over the past months and while the attention was welcome by HS, there was a bit of friction. Not really negative, but HiddenStreet is a very purpose driven guild and listeners were joining just because they were listeners and not from any commitment to the HS mission. And life in HS really does require sticking to a strict Code of Honor. So to make life easier for all concerned….Shim (Shnoof) and I (MysticWarez) made an ARR guild (thanks to co-founders Spazz, Erin, sick and Winter.) We will still enforce legitness, but it should be a more relaxed atmosphere than HS. You are still free to apply to HS, but be prepared to meet and live up to the standards. The only requirement for the ARR guild is that you are a listener and post here on the blogsite once.

Upon a genius suggestion from IcyTheBandit, I am working on a Guild page here! Cleeeeck on the Guilds page……do it Nao!
~Warez 12/3