Episode 19 – Windbreaking!

27 12 2008

Delays for the Holidays,
Spazzy struggled with editing, I got sick….acute bacterial pnuemonia in the right lung. But with my antibiotics and yummy codeine cough syrup, I feel better, but it was besides the point as the episode had not uploaded so i couldnt have done anything anyway.

So heres our lastest long and rambly discourse with features old and new. Very new and interesting to many of you. We have as a guest one Chii, an entertaining young lady, so you’ll enjoy this. We get pretty loopy later on, so prepare yourselves to mock us. xD Stayed tuned for a special announcement after the playback finishes.

Like I said there are some quirks in this edit (a diff. one may upload at some point). Highlights of these quirks for you fans of minutae: From Minute 104 to 108 the show starts over in the background and it gets quite weird for 4 minutes! At Minute 140 Chii answers my question before I ask it. Shes a clever time traveller! During the vmail playback you can hear Shim and me laughing. I want to state clearly that this is at things we are typing to each other and not at the vmails. We’ve already listened to the vmails a dozen times by then and are thinking ahead to the next segment. I think this is obvious, but wanted to state it anyway.

So here it is warts and all….enjoy. And we hope your Holidays are going great and wish you a grand new year.

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 19

~Warez & Shim