Episode 20 Wha?Who?…Huh?

26 05 2009

Long awaited and already outdated!
I got a little overworked working on my part of the script; worrying about getting it just right. But Shim finally cajolled me into just recording. I figured I’d better just to shut him up. It actually turned out pretty well, winging it a lot like Shrav and I used to with special guest, Erin.

Like in the previous episode were struggles. I was very nasally and breathy through large parts of it as I was still fighting off a bad head cold. There is hiss from Shim’s end, but I still overpower him with outrageous ssssssssssssssibalence at times. Erin seems a bit shy at first but really gets going later. We’ll get this podcasting thing down yet. But in the meantime you all can make fun of us as we continue to learn.

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 20

~Warez & Shim

Episode 20 is finally live for your listening pleasure ^_^