Final Update: Thanks for listening.

25 05 2010

Hey! Shim Here! I’m not sure if I can put this any better than Warez does, but “RL>MS”. The final straw for me was AVAN. That was the point where maple had stopped being a game for me. I cannot bring myself to play the game anymore, or even remotely touch the icon on my desktop, (partially because FURRY FANDOM has taken over my entire life.) and hasn’t been patched for at least 10 updates by this point..Though this isn’t about me.

Is amazing, that you all managed to stay faithful for us for so long, you put up with our constant delays, just to listen to half-baked information that you all heard months before the episode came out. You’d think we were Nintendo or something. You may be wondering why we decided to stop, of course, but all things have to come to an end someday. We decided that this end was the 6 month mark, and anything we could have possibly been covering back then, which was old news, would even be less relevant now.

I’m not as well spoken as Warez is, so this whole entire goodbye may come as a bit choppier than it normally is, but I want to give personal thanks to everybody who contributed, sent in their e-mails and v-mails to us, (We read them all on our own time, even if they never made it to the podcast), the guests, and especially Bag3l and Spazzcakes, for dealing with our unorganized mayhem all the time, and all of you listeners, for supporting us all the way, and continuing to be faithful to Aqua Road Radio, even when under new management by the end. And everybody who came to our parties, even if they weren’t much above “Cause chaos in the middle of henesys.”

Our time here was fun, and I really wish Warez, the man running this, could be the one to post this,

This has been Shim, telling you “Thanks for listening, happy mapling.” Signing off.