Hey! We’re still alive!

2 02 2009

Hey guys, its shim talking…I’m sure warez is gonna kill me when he see’s this, but I’m gonna say, we haven’t recorded ep 20 yet… we’ve been been very busy recently.  School work for me, trying to bring my grades up >.<… Warez has been busy with work.  I’m going to say right now, we’re not dead.  We’re aware of the fact that we haven’t recorded yet, and we should soon.  We’ve just been really busy, please try to understand.  We’re gonna try to make ep 20 super super awesome!  but don’t quote me on that ^^


{The Windian and Scanian ARR guild chapters are actively accepting members!}
{The Broan chapter will form soon, but already has a page up!}
{Leave a message or look for contact info on their individual pages ~Warez}

Episode 19 – Windbreaking!

27 12 2008

Delays for the Holidays,
Spazzy struggled with editing, I got sick….acute bacterial pnuemonia in the right lung. But with my antibiotics and yummy codeine cough syrup, I feel better, but it was besides the point as the episode had not uploaded so i couldnt have done anything anyway.

So heres our lastest long and rambly discourse with features old and new. Very new and interesting to many of you. We have as a guest one Chii, an entertaining young lady, so you’ll enjoy this. We get pretty loopy later on, so prepare yourselves to mock us. xD Stayed tuned for a special announcement after the playback finishes.

Like I said there are some quirks in this edit (a diff. one may upload at some point). Highlights of these quirks for you fans of minutae: From Minute 104 to 108 the show starts over in the background and it gets quite weird for 4 minutes! At Minute 140 Chii answers my question before I ask it. Shes a clever time traveller! During the vmail playback you can hear Shim and me laughing. I want to state clearly that this is at things we are typing to each other and not at the vmails. We’ve already listened to the vmails a dozen times by then and are thinking ahead to the next segment. I think this is obvious, but wanted to state it anyway.

So here it is warts and all….enjoy. And we hope your Holidays are going great and wish you a grand new year.

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 19

~Warez & Shim

Official AquaRoadRadio Guild in Windia

24 11 2008

Yeah yeah I know we said we would never do this but……Well see many listeners have joined HS-Windia over the past months and while the attention was welcome by HS, there was a bit of friction. Not really negative, but HiddenStreet is a very purpose driven guild and listeners were joining just because they were listeners and not from any commitment to the HS mission. And life in HS really does require sticking to a strict Code of Honor. So to make life easier for all concerned….Shim (Shnoof) and I (MysticWarez) made an ARR guild (thanks to co-founders Spazz, Erin, sick and Winter.) We will still enforce legitness, but it should be a more relaxed atmosphere than HS. You are still free to apply to HS, but be prepared to meet and live up to the standards. The only requirement for the ARR guild is that you are a listener and post here on the blogsite once.

Upon a genius suggestion from IcyTheBandit, I am working on a Guild page here! Cleeeeck on the Guilds page……do it Nao!
~Warez 12/3

Episode 18 – Good grief…Her again!

31 10 2008

Happy Halloween.  We were in the twilight Zone for this episode. You can tell because we’re kind of spacey and rambly in the beginning, but we get more coherent as it goes on.  Spazzcakes did really well at the transition editing, but struggled with volume equalization.  (Many people have told me that they notice the volume issues, but that it is acceptable as is. Therefore we will concentrate efforts on the upcoming episode, instead of trying to improve this one!)

This is another long episode. After I said we’d try to make them shorter. -_-  We cover Singapore, then there is a lot of listener contributed features.  Two Newbie Tips, a HotSpot, a Quest Corner, a Party Center, Bag3l’s newest Jukebox (ty Bag3l), another HotSpot, another Quest Corner and finally a ton of vmails and emails.

We need to make these things shorter….no really. xD

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 18

~ Warez & Shim

Episode 17 – Arsonist Fairies!

18 09 2008

Hello Listeners! I finally struggled all the way up the editing learning curve and got episode 17 online. We record over 3 hours of audio which i edited down to 2 hour and 50-something minutes. my work isn’t as good as Shravan’s was, but it is listenable.

This is a double upped episode. We start out covering the new Masteria expansion (yes its been that long.) Then we have DOUBLE HotSpots, a Party Centers, AND Quest Corners in one episode! Bag3l is back with another ARR Jukebox. So enjoy~!!

~ Warez & Shim

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 17

Episode 16 – Cherries & Tornados

21 07 2008

Hey guys! ^_^ We’ve finally got episode 16 up and running. We say it’s short, but really it’s like 2.5 hours long. >_> I think we’re becoming numb to the length of these things. o_O

Anyhooses, we’ve got quite an episode for you about all sorts of various things. There’s even a bit in there about private servers for those of you who are interested. We also have a Newbie Tip, a HotSpot, a Party Center, AND a Quest Corner all wrapped up in this episode. Bag3l came through as well and provided us with a 2nd installment of the ARR Jukebox, which, from what I’ve heard so far, you guys have enjoyed. There’s also a great explanation of the backstory of Masteria.

So we still like the T-shirt idea and we REALLY want to make it work, but so far, we haven’t gotten many responses from you guys. T_T So hurry up and get your vote to us if you haven’t yet! Just throw us a really quick e-mail that just says “T-shirts” in the subject and let us know what you think. Hope to hear from ALL of you. ^_^

All right then. Enjoy this episode guys. ^_^

~ Shravan & Warez

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 16

Episode 15 – Newbie Tips Galore

30 06 2008

Hey guys! ^_^

First of all, let me apologize for all the delays incurred. We wanted to record on the 21st, but we had that whole Tespia thing we wanted to try out. In the end, it worked, so I guess it was a good thing, but due to scheduling conflicts, Warez and I weren’t able to record until this last Wednesday. I would have had this up by Saturday night, but Audacity decided to somehow change the name of the file and all the paths and not find the file when I only had another 1/2 hour left to edit.

So I gave up on Audacity and got/tried an new program called Amadeus Pro (yes, Amadeus is Mozart’s middle name) and it works BEAUTIFULLY. So I’ll definitely be dishing out some cash to get this (it’s not free, but it’s not like $599 like all those super professional applications).

Anyway, enough with my excuses.

This episode features…..surprise! Newbie Tips. Actually, that’s what it was supposed to feature, but the News took up like over half the time and by the time we got the the Newbie Tips we were pretty much like the living dead. We made a couple of predictions on Patch 0.57 (we recorded the night they were patching) and some of them came true. ^_^

Also, I ask you all to pay attention to the ending (somewhere around when I declare it’s time for the closing notes). We have a question for you guys that needs answering ASAP. =P

I hope you guys enjoy listening to it. ^_^

~ Shravan & Warez

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 15

Episode 14 – &r.9?A7zX$3+

29 05 2008

Hi everybody! ^_^

I really wanted to get this out by this morning, but the FTP software I use was acting up, so I actually had to upload it through a website, which took FOREVER. Also, the episode ended up being just over 2 hours and 24 minutes long. It took a total of 12 hours and 15 minutes to edit (5 PM to 10:15 PM one night and 10 PM to 5:30 AM last night >_>). I guess we were rusty or something. T_T

Anyway, we cover like 7 patches and Warez ended up writing like a 8 page Party Center segment, so we’ve got quite the episode for you. We also talked a bit about marketing in MapleStory and how to go about making and saving some money. This week’s Newbie Tip is about security: what you can do to prevent hackers from getting to your account.

So hope you guys enjoy our first episode back and we hope to hear from a lot of you. ^_^

~ Shravan & Warez

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 14

Let’s Party!

13 05 2008

     To celebrate the 3rd year of MS, the return of the prodigal Shravan and new episodes of ARR I hereby announce our Second Listener Appreciation Party!!!!  I’m thinking June 7, that easy to remember! It’s a Saturday and a new episode should be out a good while by then.  Hopefully that will be enough time for the people who don’t come to this blog-site, but just listen to the podcast.  It gives the loyal blog readers extra heads up; spread the word ok?  I don’t want to wait longer. 

      It will be in the evening, 4:30 PST (7:30 EST) is equally inconvenient to a majority of our listeners.  We need a better location; I am thinking that the bowman job place, where Athena Pierce is, would be awesome.  It’s easy for a new character to get to. If you don’t know where it is, just go to the HPQ area and keep walking right. It is a nice big indoor area that’s almost always abandoned and lots of outside area where we can spill over.  And I do believe that a person could spawn a MM there (subtle hint).   We will officially welcome Shravan back and I will give away some door prizes (You have to chat me on location to register for the prizes.)   Hope to see you there!

Episode 13 – ARR Never Died!

3 05 2008

Hey guys! ^_^

It’s been like forever, so I figured I’d say “yo”. I’m not actually “officially” back yet; my last final is next Friday, so I’ll be back into MS next weekend.

Anyway, I do talk about a super short single news segment and I owe you guys a scan of an article, which I’ll get up as soon as I can.

So basically, this is a short teaser to let you guys know that we’re not dead! T_T Actually….I gotta find Warez. ^_^ I haven’t had a change to chat with him yet so I hope he doesn’t take it too hard that I put this up…… o_O

Also, I need info on the latest happenings in MapleStory and so I’d greatly appreciate any and all information I can get my hands on, so if you guys could, send me an e-mail (you know what it is: aquaroadradio@gmail.com ^_^) about the things going on these days. =P

See you in-game next week. ^_^

~ Shravan & Warez

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 13