Final Update: Thanks for listening.

25 05 2010

Hey! Shim Here! I’m not sure if I can put this any better than Warez does, but “RL>MS”. The final straw for me was AVAN. That was the point where maple had stopped being a game for me. I cannot bring myself to play the game anymore, or even remotely touch the icon on my desktop, (partially because FURRY FANDOM has taken over my entire life.) and hasn’t been patched for at least 10 updates by this point..Though this isn’t about me.

Is amazing, that you all managed to stay faithful for us for so long, you put up with our constant delays, just to listen to half-baked information that you all heard months before the episode came out. You’d think we were Nintendo or something. You may be wondering why we decided to stop, of course, but all things have to come to an end someday. We decided that this end was the 6 month mark, and anything we could have possibly been covering back then, which was old news, would even be less relevant now.

I’m not as well spoken as Warez is, so this whole entire goodbye may come as a bit choppier than it normally is, but I want to give personal thanks to everybody who contributed, sent in their e-mails and v-mails to us, (We read them all on our own time, even if they never made it to the podcast), the guests, and especially Bag3l and Spazzcakes, for dealing with our unorganized mayhem all the time, and all of you listeners, for supporting us all the way, and continuing to be faithful to Aqua Road Radio, even when under new management by the end. And everybody who came to our parties, even if they weren’t much above “Cause chaos in the middle of henesys.”

Our time here was fun, and I really wish Warez, the man running this, could be the one to post this,

This has been Shim, telling you “Thanks for listening, happy mapling.” Signing off.

Episode 20 Wha?Who?…Huh?

26 05 2009

Long awaited and already outdated!
I got a little overworked working on my part of the script; worrying about getting it just right. But Shim finally cajolled me into just recording. I figured I’d better just to shut him up. It actually turned out pretty well, winging it a lot like Shrav and I used to with special guest, Erin.

Like in the previous episode were struggles. I was very nasally and breathy through large parts of it as I was still fighting off a bad head cold. There is hiss from Shim’s end, but I still overpower him with outrageous ssssssssssssssibalence at times. Erin seems a bit shy at first but really gets going later. We’ll get this podcasting thing down yet. But in the meantime you all can make fun of us as we continue to learn.

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 20

~Warez & Shim

Episode 20 is finally live for your listening pleasure ^_^

Hey! We’re still alive!

2 02 2009

Hey guys, its shim talking…I’m sure warez is gonna kill me when he see’s this, but I’m gonna say, we haven’t recorded ep 20 yet… we’ve been been very busy recently.  School work for me, trying to bring my grades up >.<… Warez has been busy with work.  I’m going to say right now, we’re not dead.  We’re aware of the fact that we haven’t recorded yet, and we should soon.  We’ve just been really busy, please try to understand.  We’re gonna try to make ep 20 super super awesome!  but don’t quote me on that ^^


{The Windian and Scanian ARR guild chapters are actively accepting members!}
{The Broan chapter will form soon, but already has a page up!}
{Leave a message or look for contact info on their individual pages ~Warez}

Sad news…Shravan out again.

16 08 2008

I’m sorry to announce that Shravan is on permanent (likely) hiatus.  He felt it was time to make the break.  His schedule was so busy already that he hardly had time for MS.  He will be concentrating on his last semester of college and getting his first job.   It is likely to be a long time before we see him again, if ever.

I however am no where near quitting.  I feel like I just got done with a break.  Also I did what grieving I needed to last time I think.  Maple is a lot like life. Things change.  People come into your life and leave it again.  Sadness and joy intertwined.  Time to move on.

I’ve already lined up a co-host for the next ep.  If you like him, let him know.  If not……lets hear some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.   The script is shaping up and recordings are trickling in.  Let it be a flood!  If you’ve been working on something; finish it and send it nao!  I’m not stopping this time.  Gonna hit the ground running.

Warez back from AWOL

6 05 2008

Man, Leva….get a grip please…. although you do have a small point. Sorry for going AWOL (absent w/o leave ..a military term) folks. I just got swamped in the start of this year. I had all good intentions to carry on and was totally sincere about tentative dates. I got overwhelmed at work (new promotion and responsibilities) and at home and even in MS….guild hack crisis amongst other things. So I do feel a bit bad about not updating the blog to let you guys in… thats what I’ll give to you Neva. ON THE OTHER HAND…..we never promised anyone a rose garden. In point of fact we have gone to great pains to tell all listeners NOT to count on us LOLS. Can I quote myself? “WE ARE UN – RE – LI – A – BLE !”

I can’t remember how many times we said things like this. Guess what Leva? Although we are starting it up again ………WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO STOP PODCASTING AT ANY POINT AND WITHOUT WARNING!!!! You can bank on us having good reasons for it if it does happen, and we will inform you if possible, but we have to have priorities. As I have said to many people in game, mine go like this: Family>Career>Health>Happiness>MapleStory>Podcast. Sorry, I truly do value you listeners, but you guys are at the end of that priority chain. Simply HAS to be that way. Or else RL will get hosed for me and I COULDNT do a podcast if my life depended on it. If you are to be mentally healthy you must have a priority chain similar to that AND ………. NEVER count on something like a podcast to bring you happiness. You have no control over it. Don’t COUNT on what you don’t have control over and you chances for happiness are much better.

On nicer note… RL pressures are easing up lately and show signs that it will continue. This will free up time that can be used for podcasting purposes. xD Its an awesome sign that I can write this at work; my lunch break is often when I did research and wrote stuff for the show. This is the first week this year that I have had lunchtime open. Also I am reviewing the hodgepodge of material that I did work on in the interim and see much that can be used soon or in the future. I want to continue pushing for things started in the break. For example, much greater listener input and occasional guests and guest co-hosts to bring in much requested views from other worlds and jobs.

Looking back I think I was needing a break from it. Well I got one. We’ll try to set it up so that it can be a little smoother if we need breaks in the future, but remember don’t count on it………..we’re unreliable.

New Site

9 08 2007

Hey guys! ^_^ Two posts in like 2 days… o_O I know, right?

Anyway, just wanted to introduce you guys to our new site. ^_^ We have tabs at the top, and a sidebar to…uh…the side…right. ^_^

So anyway, we wanted to know what you thought of this site. Please leave us feedback on this new site in the comments on this post. If a bunch of people don’t like it, we’ll switch back to the old one. But yeah. Take a look around and let us know.

Hope you guys love it,

~ Shravan & Warez

P.S. – Please use this post’s comment section only for feedback on the site.  All things regarding Episode 6 should go in the comments of the post below this.  Thanks. ^_^