Here is an Archive of (most) installments of Features from the Podcast.

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This means I might start playing with the global theme structure again!

Hang on dear Listeners!

19 responses

5 12 2008

if you guys choose a different theme, can I claim this one for my blog? /shameless begging

8 12 2008

Second? o.o

10 12 2008
Troy, The God of Pie

YAY IM 8th!
i mean…. 1, 2, 3 oh
IM 3rd!!!!!!!

no jk….

I like the snow!!!
it all piles up at the bottom of the screen T_T but goes away to quickly!

10 12 2008
Troy, The God of Pie

oh and btw, i dont know if these new icons are pwnage as they should be.

11 12 2008

um tory
1. your not a god o pie spazzxakes/pie/cookie/muffian/pancake is
2. wat are u talken bout?
3. spazzcakes is also a chipmonk

11 12 2008

winter…it seems like you’re stalking spazz, thats SLIGHTLY weird..

2 01 2009

lol i used 2 have a stalker. it was a classmate of mine good thing he moved…

12 01 2009

i has a stalker? o_o;;
i feel loved. ❤

13 01 2009

lol why would i stalk spazz
she is meh maple orphan i adopted

27 01 2009

Spazz… ur icon is freaky fit da f6.
And did u quit Kradia??

28 01 2009

i dunno go to windia u will see her alot more often

6 02 2009

Quit? I haven’t quit, per say…
I’m just taking really long time off.
I messed up my build on Kradia, miserably, and honestly, most people I know play Windia. ;-;
So I might be on a bit, but right now it seems that Spazzmuffins, my sindit on Windia, is my main… for now. ❤

11 02 2009


20 07 2009

heyy guys!!! i am joining windia soon and was wondering if i could join your guild?! i loove the podcast soo much it has helped keep me informed while i didnt have maple. 😦 w00t w00t 4 warez! and purple things for shravan!!!! yayyy!!!! saw the pic of your room mates computer and it was wierd. 0_0! thats all 4 now peace out! XD p.s an awesome throwing star would be a noob star that throws like a random noob and the enimies… i dont know just random

22 10 2009

What demanded at that time, and what we concluded that we should have to develop some series of ideas, and this idea led us for the peace negotiation and the struggle on different fronts. ,

16 11 2009

i found that going around to random people in the game and sitting next to them yelling with F5 I AM HIWOW! has a fun result

18 01 2010

Lol Hiwow…

19 01 2010

yes i am lol

29 03 2010


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