Hotspot #1: Wan Wan Spa of Hell
This week, Warez did an in-depth review of the Wan Wan Spa of Hell. If this doesn’t apply to your job or level, we still hope that you’ll enjoy it or find some use for it. ^_^ If you didn’t catch it in the episode, you can read it right here:

This is a new feature proposed (in an email) / (the same email we mentioned elsewhere) from Mike Gray. He suggests that he would like to see a segment on the podcast that showcases a specific new or popular place for training. Let us know if you like the idea. If a lot of you guys do, we will need leads from the readers that we can research since we can’t speak with authority on spots for classes other than our own. Getting leads from all of you will ensure that we have enough material to make this a regular or semi-regular feature.

The spots we’ll talk about are going to be very job and level specific, so may not apply to you, but hopefully is still interesting to hear about them.

Today I’m going to discuss a spot dear to Level 80-100 I/L Mages although you will occasionally find thick skinned warriors or daredevil thieves there. This is the final map in the cemetery road out of Showa Temple on the new Zipangu maps. It is called the Wan Wan Spa of Hell. Not exactly an iniviting sound to it! But I/L mages have been drooling over it, having daydreams about mobs of Bains, and thinking jealous thoughts about their lucky brethren in other versions of MS that have had this map for a while.

If you haven’t been there, the cemetery road starts from the “Crow Forest” map. This place has tons of crows on multiple plats and can be reached by either road out of Showa temple. On the top is climbable tree that leads up to what appears to be a sign in Japanese with a crows nest. Climb to the nest and press up to be transported to the cemetery maps. You know your there if you have the game BGM music on and start hearing the haunting, lonely strains the cemetery theme.

The cemetery maps are also where you go to hunt the dark mountain foxes. Stay on course to the right. There are the silly annoying ghosties here and dark stone golems and zombies that you must pass thru. Good stuff for clerics to train on, although Nephras hates the place. The map with the zombies is the final before the Spa so get ready and compose yourself near its exit.

Get you buff defensive skills up and weapons ready, since the portal sets you right onto a hot platform where there can be an active spawn of Bains! If you are low leveled or just unlucky you can die instantly. There is a rope to a safe plat close by. Climb fast in an emergency!

Bains are the completely matured versions of the Cerebes and their juniors that are found in the deep Dead Mines. Bains can be found in the Dead Mines as well as here, but the spawn there is ok as best. They are a high level (xx) fire-based monster that has significant contact damage and when riled up, will shoot deadly fireballs a considerable distance. They are however wonderfully weak to Ice attacks and give a nice chunk of EXP. Since they are so generous with the EXP, they are stingy with their drops, so you will level fast, but not get rich here.

This Hell Spa map itself is fairly comparable to the Dangerous Valley/Red Drakes map. (That’s another place I am intimately familiar with, but we’ll save it for another segment of Hotspot.) There are 3 main levels as with Red Drakes, but these are much more fragmented, except for the top. Along the ground level are three pits with what appears to be hot steam in them. You will take damage from the steam and the deeper in it you are the more you take. Even though they are fire-based the Bains avoid it as well, which can make for an HP expensive, but safe get away when necessary. There have been times when I found the only safe way to mob a given group was to sit in the steam spamming my AoE spells. This was painful yes, but less so than standing in the mob.

So here’s my take on how to work this map. From the entrance going right you come to the first steam pit. Across is a small island with a spawn that almost never exceeds 2. Beyond the Island is a biggest pit. Crossing to this small island by rope is easy enough, but coming back is not (unless you are a CB) and the big pit beyond is too expensive to cross. So I just snipe these two and not every go-around at that. Instead I climb to the second level and take out the 2-5 Bains there. Continuing right there a 3 small plats to cross over the big pit below you. The middle and slightly higher plat will spawn a single monster, so kill it or cross fast to the third. Next on this middle level is a plat with 2-4 baddies, easy to take down as you can snipe them if needs be from the little plats. Be careful though they spawn a bit faster there so don’t linger.

Walking to the end you are now ¾ across the map and have several choices. You can go up to the top or bridge level, down to two medium islands or snipe across at a single Bain on a small plat that appears unreachable to non-CBs. I hit the bridge plat first. I don’t like to cover ground twice in a cycle, but I do just that for the top plat. It has a slightly higher spawn rate, but more importantly it’s continuous, so it can get a dangerous amount of Bains on it. So I hit it twice to keep them somewhat under control. Mages have to be careful when using Teleport onto the bridge. There is bridge entry glitch that can drop you thru to either of the safe small middle level plats or further down into the big pit. This happens when starting onto the bridge from either end. It can be useful when surrounded by the mobs and you need to get away. Once this is cleared I either descend on the rope I came up on or tele down thru the bridge to one of the small midlevel plats & then go right back to the ¾ spot. I then snipe at the distant Bain on the “unreachable” plat. If he drops something valuable, you can put on your best jump equips and try to reach it from the bridge level. Next I drop to the three tiny ground level plats. Then I snipe at the 2-3 spawn on the second island or lean out from leftmost and mob them. Then I jump back up to the highest of the tiny plats and jump down to take care of the final ground level plat, where there is 2-5 Bains a spawning. Alternately Maxed IS strike can barely reach both of these plats from the middle tiny plat if you stand in just the right spot. From here I climb back up to the bridge platform assaulting targets of opportunity on the way.

I clear the bridge again and tele down thru the bridge or down thru left –most plat on the bridge level if I’m feeling brave since this is done blindly. By this time there should be re-spawn on the plats you started on. If you are pwning, it will be accelerating re-spawn and you actually see your EXP going up like you haven’t in many levels. Grats you are driving the spawn. To keep it up, no resting, hit it again.

If you are higher level and want max EXP skip the sniping and concentrate on the mobbing. If you are a non-Mage, you will definitely skip the singles and hit the crowds. A high enough level warrior could likely skip my first pass on the bridge, if they have the HP for it.

Hotspot #2: Pig Beach
Welcome to Hotspot #2. This time I am going to look an area that is familiar to almost everyone who makes it as far as second job. This will make it somewhat of an exception in that this training spot is known to almost everyone. This is the hidden map or hidden street – w00t – called Pig Beach.

Yes, the infamous Pig Beach, where pigs, ribbon pigs, and the occasional armored hog are to be found. Also you will see the usual variety of snails on you way out of the map. This is one of those semi-rare maps that have a distinct exit method that is different from the manner of entrance, but more on this in a bit.

Pig Beach lives up to its name; and your time there will be bathed in swinish glory. This is where most Maplers will finally come to truly understand the meaning of the phrase ‘spawn rate’. This is the first place that most Maplers will face mobs in the true sense, even though most who train here won’t have mob skills yet. There is still the introduction to mobbing techniques and survival. Depending on when you start here, you can get your butt handed to you by pigs, but this teaches Maplers the exquisite sensitivity to the tipping point between what your skills and level can handle and what they can’t. Developing this sensitivity to an instinctive point is necessary to attaining high level in the game.

The first thing that a newbie wants to know is how to get there. I can’t recall how many times I’ve been asked how to find it. It is a hidden street –w00t- after all. It can be gotten to from the map called Three-way Split. This is where the roads from Lith Harbor, Henesys and Kerning City all meet. This is a large map with many medium sized plats on many levels and dozens min-plats in between them. There are in fact two Hidden Streets –w00t- on this map. One is on the ground in a pit that is covered by a plat. This leads to a map called Beach Hunting Ground. This is a desirable destination only if you are one of those weirdos who likes pit fighting and Jump Quests.

The entrance to Pig Beach lies on one of the biggest of the low or first level platforms. About one third of the way from the Lith entrance are two big low plats one on top of the other. You want the lower one with a clump of yellow daffodils flowers on its right end. Stand in them, press up and you are transported. Welcome to Pig Beach.

Not that there’s sand or anything, but there is a vaguely beach-y atmosphere and you can see a harbor in the distance although on the world map you look to be on the other side of a mountain range from the coast . Yeah that’s Maple logic for you. You start on this map on a cliff top and safe from pig attacks. In fact this is where some ppl like to rest, instead of hanging from ropes. So when you’re ready, make your drop over the cliff and start smacking porcine enemies. This drop is a one-way trip and to exit the map, you have to make your way to the separate exit, use a scroll or just die.

It definitely a horizontal map and has room for 3-5 ppl training at the same time. There is no real strategy here, just kill and stay alive. If you are a low level, stay near a rope where you can recover from your injuries. I will describe the spots from entrance to exit, just pick the first open one and grind them piggy’s into ham and bacon until your fingers ache and your eyeballs have melted.

The first spot is near the first ropes after you drop. The second is near the second rope on top of a slight rise. All of these ropes are dead ends and are just there for safe spots. Next there is a valley with a thorn plant at the bottom. I’ve trained there, but most ppl don’t like it, so it is not normally counted. After the valley is a flat spot that can be used although the spawn isn’t as good here. There is also a rope and it will take you to a large plat above that has a good spawn of 3-4 at a time. Now you are crossing back across the map on small plats. Most have snails, but the second to last has normal pigs. The last plat has the exit to the map and you have to follow the order I’ve just given in order to reach it.

The first airborne pig plat is where I liked to be but the first two spots are considered the best spots and competition for them can be fierce. Unfortunately, the beach is a famous Kill-Steal festival. I recommend that you avoid this, although avoiding every accidental KS is nearly impossible just do not do it on purpose. This shows your character and maturity, two things that can be in short supply sometimes. In fact PB can be looked at a MS in miniature.

When I came here to train, this was the preferred place for newbie-hackers and I never trained there for any length w/o using what was then my only report for the day. It was often so overrun with cheaters that you could surf all 20 channels and not find an uncorrupted map. I’ve heard it said that hackers are making a comeback here, although I didn’t see any in my recent visits there. Please as always report all cheaters to help the game better for everyone.

Like I said when it comes time for you to leave there’s only one way and that is up and across the overhead plats. This exit brings you back to the Three-Way Split map, but in a different spot. If you like it, you can make Pig Beach a regular stop and get more than a few levels here. Even after you outgrow it, you may find yourself coming back to farm the generous pork-y droppings of leathers, feathers, heads, gem ores, etc. If you do, think back to your early days and be kind to those of lower level.

Hotspot #3:Road to Buddha
Welcome to Hotspot #3. This Hotspot is misnamed, it should be called Hotspots. Like the previous Hotspot this is also somewhat of a departure from the original concept since I will be looking at 3 maps. I think this is justified since they have a number of similarities. They all came out recently, in the same patch. They are contiguous or right next to each other and they are all receiving a good amount of interest from the various level groups that they are aimed at. Finally they all have playability factors in common. I am referring to the three new maps that were added to Zipangu in the last patch, v0.41, in which we received Mu Lung and Herb town.

Since they lead to the Encounter with the Buddha map I call them the Road to Buddha. I’ve have had this in mind as a Hotspot idea, but rejected it as too complicated. Then we received a comment that listener, Coldshadow left on the website, in which he suggested the very thing and I decided to push the boundaries of Hotspot again.

First, we will consider the playability factors. All three of the maps are linear, single leveled ground maps, heading from left to right. All three of the monster mixes are fast monsters, the last two, containing monsters with serious counterattacks. What this adds up to is that you will need significant HP and shielding here. This makes it appealing to warriors of various levels, although you will find thieves, bow users and mages as well. Most importantly there are zero ropes, plats, or safe/sniper spots. Here you will be in a constantly changing fighting situation and will receive little or no rest. I recommend bringing some town scrolls for a quick exit or when you do need to rest.

Like I said HP will be more of a limiting factor, unless you are a warrior or cleric/priest. When I walk this road, I empty much from my use slots into storage and fill the space with HP pots. Often when I leave it’s not because I’m tired, but because I ran out of pots.

So to find the maps, leave the Showa Temple map from the middle, top road and pass by the Mountain of Cloud Fox map to the Crow Forest 2 map. Jump up the plats through clouds of crows and see a new portal at the top right. Like the entrance to the Cemetery Road this is up in a tree. Also like the Cemetery Road you will hear the haunting strains of the Cemetery Theme as you enter. This first map is: A Night in the Forest. Coldshadow says this is an awesome map for levels 40-50. He’s right.

Here you will find the Dark Mountain Foxes that are needed for a certain Zipangu quest. If you have been avoiding it, because of the weak spawn of DMF elsewhere, come here since the spawn is endless. Also you will find Paper Lantern Ghosts there and they are more populous than the foxes. Coldshadow calls them Orb Ghosts. These are lvl40 monsters, giving 94 EXP. They are weak to Ice, but are also healable and I’ve seen clerics at work on them as well as every other class. They are also poison-able, but not very susceptible to fire, which is weird since they’re made of paper. Hmmmmm….Maple logic at work again. They are supposed to drop a variety of Dark Scrolls and some interesting equips, including Nimble Wristguard and Lui Bei dagger.

Next you will find the Vanished Village map. This map continues the abandoned ruins theme. If you are watching the background scenes you have been seeing a ruin village, apparently a fishing village from the scenes on this map. Also notice the shape of some of the holes in the abandoned walls, you are about to meet the cause of them.

Coldshadow points out that this is wonderful training for levels 60 to 70. There are the Samiho here or three tailed foxes that are also near Korean Folk Town. If your goal is to hunt them you are better off going to KFT, since here they are vastly outnumbered by the Water Goblins or Kappas. These green booze guzzling, pickle throwing pests are lvl60 monsters that give you 220 EXP. As well as some nice 60 & 70% scrolls, they also drop Shining, Serpent’s Coil and Thorns amongst a few other things. They are elementally weakest to fire, but are not susceptible at all to Heal. I have seen mid-level thieves here and many mid to high level archers. Don’t hit them if you’re not ready to kill, since they will call their friends and swarm you like crazy. They’ll throw pickles at you for a physically ranged attack and cast some kind of spell for a ranged magic attack.

Now that you’ve seen the kappa, look again at the weird holes in the walls. I think we’ve found out what originally destroyed this village. The other monsters probably came along afterward. But even they stayed away from the temple area I the last map, since unlike the Buddha there; the current inhabitants are very definitely not in a peaceful state of mind.

This map is called Encounter with the Buddha. Immediately on entering an unoccupied map you will find the Himes or Dreamy Ghosts. They are very pretty girl ghost who get very ugly in a hurry if you offend them. But if you want the 3200Exp this lvl100 monster will give up, offend them you must. And if you cannot control them they will counter attack with a variety of magics that will kill you very fast. Sensibly (for once) they are weak to Heal and Holy leading to the justifiable conclusion that this is a near perfect map for the classic Priest/DK combo. Indeed you will see many such parties there. But they are also freezable and you will see I/L soloing or in pairs as well as high level ‘sins and ‘dits. I haven’t seen bowmen here yet, however.

You reward for surviving here sweet, but deadly affections are the many Elixers, Sniper pots, Kinoko Ramens that rain in such quantity that many just leave them lie. It’s mostly about staying alive here and you will have no time niceties like picking up minor drops, chatting with anybody, or even going AFK to answer a call of nature. If you can hang in there long enough she just might also drop nice 70% scrolls as well as Colonian Axe, Blue Screamer, Green Scarab, Blue Arlic and the coveted Pyogo.

However what is more likely, is that before you get a nice drop the second monster of this map spawns and you sensibly run away like a little school child. This is a boss, the Black Crow and he will own most sub 110s instantly. He is an lvl115 with 1.78 million EXP for you if you survive. He is supposed to be weakest to lightning, with Ice, Fire and Holy also effective, but I would have to survive a hit from him to verify that for you. He is un-poison-able and being a boss ignores Seal completely. Besides the Exp, you can get Rigbol sword and Zhu-Ge-Liang, previously only obtainable via Gacha.

Coldshadow says that this might be the most popular map in the game for 120+’s. I would have agreed but since the last server check they upped the spawn rate for the Crow and now a majority of chans often lie abandoned to him. Those chans were he has been gotten rid of are still very coveted and you can see some uncivilized behavior here. I would like to make an open invitation to all high levels that train there to restrain themselves. It’s stressful trying to find an open map and it’s no mean feat to survive a long session there, but let’s act with the maturity that our level implies. It won’t be that long before we get Showa town and high levels will have more options again. There’s no need to make enemies now; you might regret it later.

Hotspot #4: Excavation Site III
Surprisingly, this “Hotspot” isn’t as hot as it could be. Somewhere between level 25 and 30, most people tend to either participate in the KPQ or train on Zombie Mushrooms in Ant Tunnel. But a while back, a great new location was opened up, but not too many people seem to train there.To get to Excavation Site III from Perion, you take the exit to the upper right. From here, keep going to the left until you hit the Rocky Roads. At Rocky Road III, you’ll see a skeleton with 3 arms pointing in various directions. Climb up the rope to the right and jump into the portal up there. You should be at Excavation Site I. Take the portal in the upper left-hand side of the screen twice and you should arrive at your desired location.

At Excavation Site III, you’ll find a bunch of Wooden Masks and Rocky Masks. The Wooden Masks are level 23, have 500 HP, and give 42 EXP while the Rock Masks are level 24, have 600 HP, and give 45 EXP. Both of them have a speed of -30 so they’re relatively easy to manage.

The best part about Excavation Site III is that it’s a great training spot for ALL jobs. The top 2 platforms have a slightly elevated area to the right, where bowmen and pre-assassins can easily pick off the monsters on that platform. Pre-bandits and warriors will thrive among any of the platforms. Magicians are overpowered between level 25 and 30, so they can pretty much do what they want. >_>

The best thing to do at Excavation Site III is to form a party of 2. Preferably, you’d like to find someone who’s “opposite” of you. If you’re a melee character, you should party with someone who has range and vice-vera. The ranged player should take the top 2 platforms and the melee character should go back and forth across the bottom. You’ll be keeping each other’s spawn rates up, and you can watch as your EXP bar never stops growing.

But sometimes, you can’t find a party, so here’s how I traverse this map. When you enter the map, it places you in the bottom left-hand corner. Watch out though, because you could take damage instantly, cause the monsters here travel freely across this area. Once you’re in, kill everything you see along the bottom as you go toward the right of the screen. Head back toward the center and you’ll see that there are 2 ropes that lead up to the next platform. The rope to the far right doesn’t count, because it leads to a “safe place”, somewhere no monsters spawn. Anyway, going back to the 2 ropes we were talking about, the one on the right leads to a semi-platform that generally has a monster spawned on it. If you’re a bowman, take this rope and climb quickly to the stair-looking thing to the upper right of the semi-plat. If you’re an assassin, you can use the rope on the left to jump off toward the right and hit the monster on the semi-plat. Once it’s dead, go back to the rope on the right and get yourself to that stair-like platform. From there, ranged players can pick off everything on the middle platform and then climb the rope right above them and terrorize the upper level. For melee characters, it’s a little different. Instead of taking the right ropes up, you take the left ropes. Jump in and start bashing. =P

All in all, it’s a great place to train. It’s never too crowded and you can almost always find an empty channel. Far better than Ant Tunnel, in my opinion.

Hotspot #5:The SlimeTree
So you just hit level 10, eh? If you’re a magician, you can’t really do anything worth doing yet and you’re doomed to a life of Henesys Hunting Grounds. If you’re anything else, you’ve just gotten your job. ^_^ Congrats. And now the big question: “Where the heck do I train?” Well don’t worry ^^_ cause everyone else is asking the same thing. If you’re a bowman, you might want to find someplace where you can get a bit more range, otherwise, you might like to try the Slime Tree. ^_^

Truth be told, it’s not actually called “Slime Tree”. Its official name is “Dungeon, Southern Forrest 2”. To get there, you take the bottom-left portal out of Ellinia and head to the left 2 more times. From there, travel towards the left of the map and enter one of the trees over there. Two of the trees to the left should lead you to “Dungeon, Southern Forrest 2”. It’s more commonly known as the “Slime Tree” because the only monsters that spawn there are Slimes. ^_^

The only thing you actually need to know about the Slime Tree is that the left-most part of the 2nd large platform from the top is the only safe spot. Other than that, you just travel up and down the tree bashing at every moving green gelatin-like object you see.

Slimes are level 6 monsters that have 50 HP and give 10 EXP. The spawn rate in the Slime Tree is amazing and therefore, is a great place for everyone to train, once they can deal a decent amount of damage. Generally, people stay there until about level 16 or 17, when the experience tends to be slow.


Hotspot #6: F.o.G.

Welcome to Hotspot #5.  This HotSpot is suggested and begun by Eric a Windian whose IGN is sirwilliam98.  He suggested the Forrest of Golems or FoG as a hotspot as have many others in the past.


Eric had followed a friend to the spot and knew from this experience as well as from the music that it was a Sleepywood map but not underground.  Well Eric you are right it is a sleepywood map, but it also a dungeon.  They are using the word dungeon here in its loosest interpretation.  Many RPG’s will call any area of intense monster concentrations a dungeon regardless of whether it’s underground or not.  So to get to it you go to the house just past the mysterious statue and press up at the door.  Now that they make it obvious where the portals are it should be real cheesy to find. 


You have just entered the Sleepywood Forest Dungeon.  Proceed at your own risk. The Sleepy Dungeon maps are all vertical, tall maps all leading down as you head away from Sleepywood.  SD1 through SD4 are very similar to one another with a respectable monster mix of slimes, octopusseses, Horny Mushies, Jr Neckis and occasional Curse Eyes or Lupins slowly giving way to mixes with the stronger monsters dominating. By the time you get to SD3 you have the ground and 3 main plats covered with curse eyes.  The ground has Lupins joining in and the first plat Dark stone golems and Jr. Boogies joining.  This is a great map to do the 99 or 999 Curse eye quest and you can tell you’re really running this spawn when you can get the Dk stone Golems to show on the 2nd Plat.


But this isn’t your destination; journey on my friend.  SD4 shows more of the same scenery. There is what looks like ruined Buddhist statuary on the ground plats.  These are supposed to be part of the same ruins where the Golems spawn outside Henesys.  They are relics of the Sharenian culture of Victoria that was destroyed by Ergoth who you fight in the guild quest.


The next map brings you to the entrance of your destination. SD5 appears to be the end of the line.  Below the entrance plat is a series of tiny plats.  Below that is a set of alternating medium plats which float above more ruins on the ground.  On one of the tiny plats is a big flower growing this is the door to a hidden street called forest of golem.


FoG is a continuation and variation on the same theme.  The entrance plat is in the upper middle. It is the only safe place here other than ropes.  Three training plats increasing in size are directly below you and below that the ground. All of which forms a gigantic pyramid.  Here you find Dark Stone Golems and Mixed golems in great abundance with occasional Lupins thrown for comic relief.


So is it as good of training as they say? Eric says that it’s great for “a great training spot for lvls 50-70”. He’s right with some caveats.  But first lets look a the prey. The Dark golems are lvl 58 monsters with HP/MP: 4800/150 and give 200 EXP.  The mixed versions are lvl 59 with nearly 50% more HP but gives only 10 more EXP.  If you can chose like at the Hene maps it’s an easy choice, but here you must kill everything or it will kill you. 


Now, let’s get top the caveats. First they will hit you and hard. This place will burn through your HP pots like a machine gun thru bullets.  Bring your friendly neighborhood cleric if you can.  Second the golems are melee and ranged single attack training mostly.  You won’t see a lot of mob attackers here unless they come back at later lvls.  The combination of high HP usage and necessity of melee fighting make this place a natural for fighters and you will see many there.  Sins and dits also find this place attractive and will show in goodly numbers.  Bowmen & Crossbowmen find it good training as well and make a good showing.  Mages on the other hand with their early mob specialist skills will find it harder to keep up.  The golems are vulnerable to ice and fire but you must take the closet ones down faster than mob attackers can at those lvls.  Clerics however are often welcome for their party skills and the fact that the dark golems are weak to holy.


This is the twist of the place. If you are doing it right and running the spawn, the plats are much more covered in golems than not.  So you are constantly contacting them and taking even more damage.  If you let the spawn slack a bit to give yourself open spots then you are affecting the rate on the whole map and likely annoying the rest of the people who might then decide to up the rate on your plat by KS’ing simply attempting to run you off.  This thick mob is no problem for melee fighters but what about the ranged single attackers?  Sins and ‘Mits can jump attack to open a spot, but archers will have to depend on knock back to get a start.  Once these guys start they should keep it up and maintain if possible an o small open space around themselves as they proceed.


So the statement of 50 -70 is little bit misleading. This is probably the right range for thieves.  Warriors might be able to go earlier and archers a bit later perhaps depending on their particular builds.  Mages can make use of the maps later on, but may not want to put up with the KS’ing from lower lvls of other classes. And a KS-fest this place tends to be.  Most of the time people simply agree to stay on their own plats, but this change most weekends at least when I went there and all bets are off.  If you can’t stand this kind of behavior you might want to give a try late on a week night. 


To sum it up FoG is stressful and expensive training, but the rapid leveling and decent drops will keep this a desirable destination for the foreseeable future.


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wow nice job guys

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Keep it up! Still, perhaps you guys can get some good areas for Warriors, bowman, and thiefs. But until then, good to keep it to all classes. ^^

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Nice job with the hotspots! Maybe you could do a different training spot for every ten levels starting from 1-10, 11-20,etc. on the same episode and just put up more detailed hints on the website.

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I think you guys should invite someone else to do the podcast with you… a new recruit like warez who ISNT a magician so you can add a little more variety

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Wow… Thanks Very Much..

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The new Zipangu maps are said to be godly experience for mid to high lvls, maybe you should mention them. For 4x to about 5x, you could talk about the 1st new map in Zipangu(with the orb ghost things and dark cloud foxes). Levels 6x-7x get really good experience at the 2nd new map(with kappas and 3 tailed foxes). Lastly, lvls 12x+ get the best experience in the game at the 3rd new Zipangu map(himes/dreamy ghosts…….and crow boss >.<) The last map is especially popular amongst high levels, probably one of the busiest training spots in the game.

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You used my spots xD

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Srry for the double post, but I’ve been noticing a high population of people in certain Mu Long places. Directly to the right of Mu Long are monsters called straw dummies. These seem to be the new coolies/fog, since, like the zipangu maps, it is verticle. It seems good for the high 50s to the mid 70s. Another popular Mu Long map(or at least should be) is the pirate’s den. In my opinion, could replace the classic Death Teddy training 7x-8x, and possibly even further. Pirate’s den is a couple maps right of herb town. You can get to it from the same map that you get to pirate pq. Once you get in there, youll see a huge spawn of captain and kru on two main levels. Mobbing classes are really at home here, since their attacks (ice strike, eruption) can reach both levels from the 2nd level. Much safer than DTs, more experience and a nice change from normal training. The drops are pretty nice too, including kandines, scarabs, and other random drops(this has caused a dramatic decrease in kandine prices).

I’m pretty sure Himes don’t drop pyogos. We don’t have the ribgol data, so black crow doesn’t drop it. The best crow drop atm is black emerald earings, which really isn’t much.

As usual, people are complaining about the patch. The new cencored words are rediculous, freezing the screen when they pop up and causing death. Freezing occurs after this and at other irritating times(esc key).

The new smegas. The most hated and despised patch addition in a long long time. As you know, they appear in the buff area, taking up about 1/16 of the whole screen, featuring the char avatar and a message. These megas cause a lot of lag(which contributed to my zakum death >.>) I can accept this inconvienence, but others take major offense to it, and spam hate messages and even get to the point of ks’ing the users of the megas.

Speaking of zakum, I have a couple zak organizers on my bl. If either of you are interested in a Windian zakum run sometime in the future, leave a message here. Warez will be accepted right away, but Nephras will need a maxed dispel.

7 10 2007

Woot some nice hotspots , I think forest of golem is a really nice hotspot too=) maybe you could tell something about that one too

29 10 2007

Great list, very informative. You guys have some great tips.

5 11 2007

yesh i love it ^_^

10 11 2007

I think Forest of Golems will make a good hotspot too 🙂

26 11 2007


are a huge hotspot now :]]

2 12 2007

I like the hot spots guys! Keep up the good work! ^_^

However might i recomend three-color garden as a good hotspot for lvl 30-40?

Well nice work though! I’ve used all the hotspots that you mentioned that im high enough level for =P

29 12 2007

Hey Sakura Cellions are good training spot to use… For the high 20s till the low 50s That targets alot of listners 🙂

2 01 2008

Wow good top training areas. I wish I had read this post earlyer. I found the road to Budda the other day and found myself dieing instantly at the third room. I was dead so fast I am not too sure what killed me LOL. But I like the fast paced spawning and exp you get from room 2. Just so you know I am a level 49 Page so if you are reading this don’t go and try untill at least level 40 or have mad mob skills.

For those folks level 30 – 40 go to orbis and head to the jr. cellirons. Up on the map from the star pixes. Well worth it and great drops. You won’t get rich hear but the equipment drops are good. I also depends on which color you are fighting to what drops they have. And all the horns are used on the exchange quest a Bonus…..! bring the pots clear the inventorys and stay a while.

Happy Mapleing.

Ps. for you budding pages out there I will bring you some training tips as I go. Like the Drakes table in the far end of the ant tunnel- Pages level 43- 50, all others try it at 50 for long term training the cargos will keep you on your toes. And if you get board or have the skills try the drakes nest next one over or the cargo’s same one over just up top portal.

13 01 2008

Hey another spot thats good for slimes, but isnt actually slime tree is the tree that grew II, idk if this is where i should submit this because i’m not a regular here, but you go out of the top left portal of ellinia and trehn go left again. This is the tree that grew I, then go up the left set of trees until you go thru a hidden portal at the top one. NOTE: a lot of hackers like tof arm here, so watch out for them.

8 02 2008

hmm, i haven’t been to any if those, because they just dont work, if you are a lvl 10 thief, u should already be able to 2 shot orange slimes

8 02 2008

hmm, i haven’t been to any if those, because they just dont work, if you are a lvl 10 thief, u should already be able to 2 shot orange mushrooms

11 06 2009

Suggestion: Lower Ascent for WindRaiders… hope it gives something…

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