Newbie Tips

Newbie Tip #1: Get a guide
As Warez says, MapleStory just kinda throws you out into this virtual world and doesn’t give you much to go off of. The official site is home to a very rudimentary guide, which really does nothing to aid a new player. So we highly suggest getting a guide from one of the many sites out there, such as Hidden Street (you can find a link to them in the Affiliates section). ^_^

Newbie Tip #2: Know your prices!
Listen up kids, this is very simple. Simple to say, but not always so simple to do: Know your prices. If you are going to selling something or if you are going to buying something, you want to find out what the market value is. If you go into stores you can see what the NPC value is, but what will actual players pay you?

Well one way to find out is to look up your item on Basil Market or another auction site. Another option is to roam thru the Free Markets looking for your item. You want to know what the price range is for you item, whether you are buying or selling. So kids, do your homework, before you sell that awesome drop!

Newbie Tip #3: Screenshots!
Welcome to Newbie Tip Number 3. Knowing how to take a screen shot is a nice little feature that you can live without, but which you can find useful in a wide variety of ways.
The Scroll Lock button on your standard keyboard is MapleStory’s method of taking a screen shot or ‘screenie’ as leet players like to say. You cannot alter the key used, but you can alter the place that MS places your screen shots. The default location is directly under the Wizet/MapleStory folder in your Program Files folder that is on every Windows installation. Two places you can change it to are your C; drive or your desktop. I don’t recommend putting under the C: drive as extra stuff here will slow windows slightly. Putting them on yr desktop, however, can make them easier to access and you can make a special folder that you can use to organize them into a virtual scrapbook.
Some of the many uses of screenies:
Keeping a record of your equips & items.
Remembering a special conversation quickly and accurately.
Making a semi-legal record of a suspected scam trade.
To gather extra proof of hackers and other dirt bags in the act.
To preserve memories of you & your friends.
Keeping track of prices and items in the FM.
This list can go on & on. I’m sure I’ve left out many uses. So get familiar with your Scroll Lock key!

Newbie Tip #4: Take Breaks!
This week’s Newbie Tip is all about taking breaks. Leveling is tough, no argument there. Some levels are easier than others and every job has its own “Hell Levels”. So how do you get through this monotonous life? Don’t train forever.

How can you become a high level by not training, you might ask, but the truth in the matter is that there’s no way you’ll even come anywhere near a high level if you do nothing but train. You’ll get bored with MS waaaayyyy too quickly.

Try this: Right after you level, you’re EXP will be 0%. This is the perfect time to go exploring. Take some time to view the sites and go places you’ve never been. There’s no fear of death, cause you have nothing to lose. Death will result in you dropping back down to 0%, but guess what, you’re already there. ^_^

Breaks such as these will help you enjoy your Maple life more than you already do.

Newbie Tip #5: Share your map!
Welcome to Newbie Tip Number 5. How do you act when somebody comes onto your map? This is one of the major parts of Maple etiquette. It is possibly one of the most important and most overlooked or ignored.

The fact is that the world of maple story is very big, but not big enough to keep us from stepping on each others toes occasionally. In popular maps it’s almost inevitable *cough*straw-dummies*cough*. What matters is what you do when it happens. If you are the one who was there first, you have choices. If you are there second, leave it up to the first person there, even if they are lower level than you.

So if you are first, what’s your best move? In general, if you are very low or very high leveled for the monsters there, you may want the map to yourself. In between, which is most of the time, you are likely better off sharing the map if it’s not a tiny one. This is because the spawn will be better than if you are there by yourself. Faster spawn means more EXP and drops for the both of you and more fun since you are sharing a social experience. If the distribution seems unfair offer them party. This in turn will make your training less of a grind and you might gain an addition to your Buddy List!

Two situations where you might not want to share. If you are low leveled for the map a faster spawn may be dangerous to you. A very high leveled person for the map will not need any help to max the spawn there. Even so it still may be in your interest to offer people party and share the map. The advantages you get from partying can easily outweigh the small amount of EXP you might not get. If you dont’ share , be polite and give them a quick explanation.

So if you’re there first it’s your call and most Maplers will respect that. But remember, by the same tradition you’ve lost the map even if you leave for a second or even d/c. So this is still another reason to party up!

Newbie Tip #6: Tracking
When participating in PQs, you’ll no doubt hear people talk about “tracks”. I myself, have run across quite a few people in the past week or so who don’t know what a “track” is.

A “track” is nothing but someone’s IGN, or in-game name. It’s called a “track” because you use it to track a party’s progress through one of the many Party Quests. To track someone using their IGN, you type “/find”, a space and then the IGN.

For example, if used during the Kerning Party Quest, you’ll find it saying something along the lines of “HiddenStreet: 1st Accompaniment ”. Knowing that there are only 5 total stages in the Kerning PQ (4 stages and a boss stage), you can track the progress of the party and know when they leave the party quest so that you can double-click on Lakelis and get in it yourself. ^_^

Newbie Tip #7: Account Security

Welcome to Newbie Tip Number 7. This will be about account security & how to protect your account.  This is pretty easy to sum up actually…don’t share yr account foo!!!!!!  I know of very few if any examples of a purely hacked account.  It is always an ‘inside job’ meaning you’ve been ‘hacked’ if you want to call it that by some who was at least at one-time a friend who you shared your account with. You would have sworn that you would always be able to trust this person, but then you had a fight……famous last words.  Other situations are similar. I know a girl who was “hacked” by her little brother.  He pretended to be bothering like little brothers always do, but really he was watching the keystrokes she typed as she logged in.  The next time she logged on all her best equips were gone.

Nexon gives us three layers of protection: user name, password & pin.  You can change the last two if you need to but the first is permanent.  The thing they work together to give you protection. If a real hacker has one they can likely break the others.  Let’s look at their functions real quick.  The username is your identifier, unchangeable; if you give it out you account will never be 100% safe again.  The password is the second layer and if you shared the account you can change it to regain SOME security.  The PIN is partial protection only against keyloggers.   You shouldn’t have them anyway if you have good malware protection.  But its only 4 digits which are easy for any PIN cracker to penetrate.

That leaves you with your password. Some people say to change it every 30 days or so.  I believe that if someone knows your username, then it doesn’t matter how often you change it if it isn’t a strong one.  What’s a weak password? A common English word by itself is very weak; a brute force pass-breaker with even a mediocre dictionary loaded can break it within 30 minutes for sure.  Then they just use a PIN cracker and your toast. 

So what your best defense? NEVER share accounts! My main account is known to no one but me.  I wouldn’t trust my mother with my info and she’s a saint!  If you do share, then you are going about naked.  You need a strong password.   I was inspired in this by a Sleepywood thread by Quantact.  He talks about using the gnarliest password you can; something with a wider keyset and randomness. For example: &r.9?A7zX$3+    MS allows you to use these kinds of passwords and they are much stronger.  They can be broken but instead of minutes it can take up to a day to break.  Many hackers will just give up and go hunting easier targets.  

But it’s a pain to remember something like that yes?  Well that’s Quantacts’ point after you type it enough times; you muscles will do a lot of the remembering for you. You just make a new one and retype it a bunch of times and sooner than you think it’s just as easy as typing in the name of you pet or whatever.  There are even websites that will generate these passwords for you or evaluate the strength of the one you are using.  Quantacts gives some links and we will link to his posting on the blog site.  

So friends take some time and protect your hard earned mesers and ‘quips mmmmk?




Newbie Tip #8: Various & Assorted

by Matt/ Wubbaducky7  (edited for grammar)

 My names Matt and I play in Broa. My ign is Wubbaducky7, lvl 50 fighter. I’ve been listening to your pod cast since episode 3 and this is my first time emailing you guys… yeah I’m just lazy. But congratulations on episode 14! I was hoping to contribute to maybe a newbie tip or something. (You can just put this in some other section. I don’t care. Or maybe a new section? Money Management?)  

But anyways, you guys were talking about making money. So I just have more tips to add.

Tip #8a 

The first tip I would give is use the pots that the monsters you train on drop. Even if they drop red pots, still use them. Most people think pfff 50 hp what’s that going to do. 50 hp can actually be a lot especially if you’re a mage. I know by experience people, especially warriors, get lazy and buy things like Ice cream pops that restore 2000 hp rather than pressing the pot button 40 times. I imagine that if you buy 40 red pots will be cheaper than buying 1 Ice cream pop. But I wouldn’t know because I have actually never bought a single pot from the pot store and I’ve managed to get to lvl 50. So pick up all the pots that the monsters drop. 

Another great way to get pots is to do quest. There are plenty of quest that reward you with pots. One of my favorites is the Ludi PQ. At the bonus stage, the boxes drop plenty of pots in which you can stock up on:

Ice cream pops (2000 hp), Orange juice (450 mp), Grape juice (900 mp), Red bean sundae (2000 mp), Watermelon (1000 mp and 1000 hp), Elixirs (50% mp and hp), Power elixirs (100% mp and hp), and Sunset Dew (5010 mp).

When your finished with Ludi PQ, you talk to an NPC to go out and there’s a high chance you’ll get pots. You’ll mainly get 100 white pots (300 hp), 100 blue pots (100 mp), or a 60% scroll which you can either use or sell. So I recommend you Ludi PQ and stock your mules with pots.

 Another quest would be all the repeatable dungeon quests. Make a big party and killing 999 mushrooms or whatever your training on will go so much faster. Plus the spawn rate will be kept high and you’ll all get bonus EXP. When you’re finished you’ll get more pots!

Tip #8b

The second tip I’d recommend would be to pick up everything. So even those snail shells will help even if you can only NPC it for like 6 mesos, but it will all accumulate. If you’re that lazy, it might even be helpful to get a pet or I guess now you can have multiple pets as you guys have mentioned in the last episode.

When you pick up items, sell them! I know most people just NPC the lower equips that you can just buy in a store. But what I find it helpful but sometimes tedious is to sell these to lower lvls in a price range higher than the NPC price, but lower than the store price. This way will benefit both you and the buyer. Sometimes these things just need patience.

If you’re that lazy to walk around selling these things, Basil Market is a great place to sell these types of things.

Also there are quest that reward you with equips that you can sell.

 Tip #8c 

My third tip is never use the taxi. I know that it is a long walk from Henesys to Kerning City, but a walk will be way cheaper than a taxi. If you walk, you can kill monsters on your way and gain a little experience. And while you’re at pick up all the drops. Also you can maybe make a new addition to your buddy list? Say hi to random people.

If you’re that lazy, the least you can do is go buy some town scrolls. The regular town scrolls are like 500 meso and the nearest town scrolls are like 400 meso. Buying these will save you at least 500 meso. Why take the taxi once when you can use town scrolls twice for the same amount of mesos.

(Editor’s note: well they do take up slots)

Tips #8d

Don’t use the Ludi train rides. There’s an alternative path that you can use that won’t cost anything except a little more patience. Plus you’ll get experience and drops along the way. So here’s the path if you’re in Orbis and you want to go to Ludi. 

First go down Orbis Tower and all the way to Aqua Road *WOOT. Then travel to the right most map of Aqua Road *WOOT* and there will be a floating story book. Enter the book into Korean Folk Town and go up the Helios Tower.

Now you’re in Ludibrium. You can take this path back to Orbis but going up the Orbis Tower will take a bit longer.

Tip # 8e

 Try not to use tower scrolls. I know its hard traveling up and down the eos tower, but you can make more money if you don’t use them. Instead of using the scrolls like Shravan said, you can sell them for a good profit. If you don’t have the patience, limit yourself to only using tower scrolls when you go up. Going down is very easy

Tip #8f 

Clerics are your best friends. You should always be polite to these guys because they can heal. If you party with a cleric, you won’t be using many hp pots. 

Tip #8g

Sell fame. Once you reach lvl 15, sell fame every day. You can use your fame once every day. Fame used to be like 10-15k but I think its now like 20-25k. If you sell your fame every day, you’ll have 225k more than you started with. So don’t go out there and have defame wars. Totally pointless.

 Tip #8h

 If you really that desperate, you can sell arrows to lower lvl archers. Back when I was a noob. I used to sell 1000 arrows for 500 meso. Again, it benefits both you and the buyer. Your selling something that gets you 0 meso when NPCed and is 500 meso less than when buying them.

Tip #8i

You don’t have to buy every equip. that you can wear. When your lvl 10, all you really need to buy is a weapon. At lvl 15 you don’t really need any of that stuff either. At lvl 20 is where you can maybe buy a top and bottom.

Try buying equips every 10 lvls or you can get yourself, like Shravan also said, a sauna robe and scroll it. Gloves and shoes can maybe go every 15 or so. For the hat, get yourself a nice bamboo hat and wear that all the way until maybe lvl 70. Earings you don’t really need. The only good one would be the lvl 25 leaf earings that give you +50 mp. These you can get from a quest. 

Capes too aren’t necessary. The one only I prefer are the lvl 40 Icarus capes. There are three; one that adds speed, one that adds jump, and one that adds avoidability. I also recommend the lvl 30 necklace that you get from Carnival PQ because it adds 1 to all stats.



 Newbie Tip #9: What is that darn lightbulb thingy?

This question asked a while ago by invisiblo, a level 46 bandit from Mardia amongst many others.  It’s been quite some time so I’m guessing he has figured it out, but for all the other newb players out there.  The light bulb appears over your head when there is a new quest suddenly available to you. For example if you are doing a series of quest each of which is a pre-requisite for the next as soon as you turn in one quest, it will trigger the next and the light bulb will appear. Simply click in the bulb to get info on this new quest. It’s just that simple.



Newbie Tip #12: Usable Event Drops


Welcome to Newbie tip number 12.   This will be about how to effectively take advantage of event drops.  Ok we all know that the events come in several flavors. 


Typically there are some 2x EXP/Drop events on a schedule.  You know the drill get a party and stake out a map early because if you don’t, EVERYONE and their grandma is already on maple and you spend the whole time running around looking for an open map and F4ing.  A party is recommended at lower levels as the semi-normal maple etiquette goes out the window and the entirety of every version and world reverts to an all-out KS-fest.


But if you’ve survived even one event in MS you’ve already got this knowledge.   There’s also the events equip drops.  These often come from the same or similar monsters or quest as they did in the previous years.  Any new drop/deletions or changes are often the topic of conversation at many gatherings in-game.  But this also is mostly evident to most maplers.  We know that the prices for these things spike immediately because of the novelty effect, and then drop off rapidly as everyone goes out prospecting for the valuable thing or things thus ensuring by their own efforts that the prices will plummet.  Some, such as the anniversary items are worth holding for a long time for their utility or unique properties.


 I mainly want to talk, in this tip, about the special buff drops / pots that will drop or come as quest rewards during some events.  These appear to me to be most often under used part of the events.  People will collect a bunch and then think they are nearly worth less and end up giving them away or even dropping them.  Well not all of these buffs are worth collecting or saving.  You have to pay close attention to what the effects are and to whom they would be valuable.  For example in the Thanksgiving event there are several of these drops.  Most are simply HP and/or MP pots.  These are usually not worth keeping for a long time.  However the cranberry sauces did have lasting value as they gave a decent M.att and can still be found in the FMs if you look hard enough.  I still hold a bunch on my LUK-less cleric.  In general the buffs are valuable in approximately this order of descending value:  Att., M.att, Stat.boosts, Accuracy, Avoid, Jump, Speed, and so on.   The higher on this list the more likely it is to be of value to others and more likely to be worth your while to hold on to.  It doesn’t matter if the buffs will help your char; you want to hold things of value to others if your aim is to make mesers. 


This is assuming that it’s a tradable buff.  Some are not tradable and you should hunt for or keep these only if they provide nice benefits to the char that collects them.  For example the sweet cupping cakes from last month were untradeable.  Should you have spent time getting them?  In addition to the other boosts they had awesome power-ups to avoid-ability and accuracy.  This would make them especially valuable to archers and sins.  I gathered many on these char classes at one point holding close to 2k on an archer. Meanwhile on my arch-mage, I hardly bothered to get a 100. 


If your aim is just to benefit your char and/or chars. then your strategy becomes a touch more subtle.  Are you going to send them all to one char? This is a personal preference. Which char can collect them fastest?  This might not matter if it is a time-limited quest? If so then you rotate amongst all your chars and hopefully by the time you get to your last char it is time start again on the first.  The event buff quests often involve drops from every monster and its worth doing with all levels.  Note that it might actually be worth your while to hunt the drops from a monster that’s low for your level as you will finish the quest much faster.  Ideally however you don’t have to stop regular training of your main or whatever char you’re on to get these buffs.  Currently, like I said last episode, I have a sin training on ligators.  These are still good training for this char.  But the event equip is also dropping from the ligators and their drop rate for the Cody’s BBQ are drop at a decent rate so this char is able to take full advantage of this current July 4th event!  I hope yours is too!


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