Party Center

Party Center #1: ZPQ
(Bare Minimum: Level 50)
(Indirectly Suggested By: David Lee & Others)

Hello and welcome to a new feature called Party Center. This is a feature suggested by many listeners and something we have been considering for some time. It has a number of limitations in that there are only so many Party Quests or Accompaniments as they are officially labeled by the game. But with the continuing patches to the game there are getting to be more and more of them. Nonetheless this will necessarily not be a regular feature since we would run out quickly. Also these quests can be quite complicated and some would take up entire episodes to do them justice. So what you will hear here will be primers of a sort in which we will likely direct you to other guides to study. You can just listen to us and not sound like an idiot on your first go or study up further and perhaps actually own on your first try. The choice is yours.

David Lee recently sent an email in which he says “….umm……what’s a z-run?” Good question. Unless you are nearing the area of level 90-100, it might not occur to you to ask. But you probably have heard of Zakum; I mean who plays this game and doesn’t? A z-run is an actual attempt on Zakum and is a thing of careful organization and planning. It is perhaps the most complicated thing that players do in MS. It is also the culmination of a series of pre-requisite party quests. This is what I’m going to tell you about.

These pre-requisites make it similar to other quests that require you to do still other quests that must be finished previously. In this you’re your pre-requisites are technically pq’s. Players almost always treat the actual z-runs differently and consider them to be different experience from Zakum’s pre-requisites which are normally called the zakum party quests or zpq’s. When you are asking to go on your first z-run, the 2nd question you will be asked (after job and level) is “have you done your ZPQ’s?” In other words unless you are a slacker, you will likely do the ZPQ’s long before you can go on z-runs and the party make-ups will be very different.

In fact it is possible to solo the ZPQ’s if you first create a party of just yourself. The series takes place in a dark bleak place and if not difficult, is pretty tedious and company will be welcome, unless you are a total loner. It is made up of 3 Missions that are given to you by the NPC Adobis, who you meet at the end of the lava maps at the bottom of the dead mines.

So you must be at least level 50, since you won’t make it more than halfway along the road from El Nath, where there is an NPC that will halt you. You must also have permission for the 3rd job instructors in El Nath to do these party quests. Go to the chief’s residence which is at the top of the cliff where the NPC Jade is sitting. Talk to the instructor of your job and ask for the permission. This will let you pass Jeff who allows you permission to advance from Ice Valley 2 map to Sharp Cliff 1 map. Most people who aren’t training on the El Nath monsters will simply use a Dead Mine Return scroll and bypass the entire long walk by teleporting to the entrance of the Dead Mines. I believe you still must be level50 or above to do this as well. People also use these scrolls to get to the Zombie maps quickly as well.

I recommend that you make this walk at least once, even if you never intend to train on the cold weather monsters. The scenery in those mountains is some of the best in the game, in my opinion. Remember if you do the walk or are just going to the zombie maps you will be spending time in the cold and need to bring a supply of beans soups or you will suffer a constant drain on your HP from the cold.

So you’ve reached the Dead Mines. You must descend thru 4 maps of Minor Zombies and Fly-eyes. The Minors drop Gold teeth on occasion and these are needed in the Final Mission of the ZPQ, so if you intend finish all 3 missions as fast as possible collect them now. There is another map called the passage which has nothing but fly-eyes. There are a ton of them in here, but the map is very vertical and the plats are tiny, so it’s not a decent place to train on fly-eyes. Most people just jump and freefall down making a game of attempting to hit the next portal dead on.

Next are 3 Lava maps called the Caves of Trial that stretch off horizontally to the right. Care must be taken here since falling off the plats means falling into lava which is painful if your HP isn’t great. The plats themselves have Cerebes which I mentioned in a previous Hotspot as well as Jr. Bulldogs and Firebombs, which have goodly kb and can shove you into the lava. The third map has the fearful Bains as well, but they will only occasionally be numerous enough to prevent you from sneaking by them.

The next map is Door To Zakum where Adobis resides. You are finally ready to start! Form a party if you haven’t done so yet and then talk to Adobis. You must do the Missions in order so choose it. This first mission is also treated as still another sub-experience in itself by many players and it can be used in several ways. It is highly recommended that you get a guide for this mission; you will see why shortly. In fact get several since I have not yet seen a perfect one. The one on HS by Foopah is a very good starting point.

So here is the brief run down on it. It starts in a mine chamber with many tunnels leading away. There is an NPC named Aura but don’t talk to her, since this is timed and you only have 30 minutes to complete it. Each of the tunnels has chests and/ or piles or rocks. Many tunnels lead to another tunnel which can lead back to the main chamber or still a different tunnel, some are dead ends. There is one tunnel, which most guides label 16, that is a mini-chamber unto itself with other tunnels leading off from it. If you aren’t confused yet, you will be once you get there. In fact I recommend that you plan on your first go at mission 1 just accompanying an experienced player or just walking around by yourself.

You need to collect keys to finish the mission and pass to the next or repeat this one. There are only 7 keys and you need then all. There are also papers to collect. If you can collect 30 of the 32 possible then you will get 5 Dead Mine Return scrolls. This is extra though; if you don’t get the 7 keys the mission fails. The keys are usually in the chests and the papers are usually in the rock piles. Your guide should have info on which are in which rooms and the few expectations to these rules and at least a rough map to help you navigate. If you go without a guide you not likely make it, even with 6 people in your party.

The number of keys and/or papers never varies, but their placement within will change every time. The rocks and chests need to be hit and broken to see what’s inside. Unfortunately there are HP eating fires and falling rocks all over the place so bring along plenty of HP pots. The chests occasionally have extra hazards to keep you on your toes. One is the sword flinging box-monsters that will always spawn 3 at a time. The other, and by far worse are what I call tele-boxes. They will send you back to the original chamber, causing you to waste time covering ground that you already have covered and at a slow pace since teleport, flash jump and other movement skills don’t work here.

Your most efficient method of covering all this ground will depend on how many members are in your party. A good guide will spell these different strategies out for 2 to 6 member parties. I have done this many times with just a party of two and we have gotten it as low as 12 min. The advantage of more people is that you can do it faster and get more runs in. The rewards are the same every time for every one regardless of how many there are. The keys unlock a BIG box in the room labeled 16. A fire ore pops out. The leader gathers all the materials and talks to Aura. Then she confirms that you have gotten just keys/fire ore or papers as well or are giving up. Then people must go through the exit portal before the leader. When you do you get a fire ore piece, 5 return scrolls and 20k EXP.

So you or your group can just get keys to pass this mission in which case you get 12 k or 15 k EXP (depending on solo or party) and a fire ore piece. Or repeat to train and/or repeat to farm the scrolls. The training is efficient for levels 50 to 60 or so. The scrolls resale for about 100-120k In the FM, down about 50% from last years price, so it’s a slightly less attractive to make mesos, but it can still be done. Another scenario is just to get the scrolls for your own usage. You would need them if you are going on z-runs but more for training on the zombies or Dead mine monsters and often need to go to El Nath to repot. Remember if you are farming this mission, that a person can lead a given party only 3 times here in a 24 period, so you may have to reform the party a few times.

But if you are going on to finish the zpqs then talk to adobis again to activate the second quest. This second mission is a jump quest from hell. It consists of two maps, each of which is many screens wide. Once again it takes place over lava. There are only tiny plats and ropes to rest on. The hazards however are plenty. Lava balls drop on the plats and ropes. Poison steams shoot at you sideways. Fireballs also shoot at you sideways. All of these will knock you off and into the lava unless you are really fast. It is not uncommon to spend 10-20 minutes navigating nearly across a map, get knocked off and have to go all the way back. More than patience is required here; hard-headed single-minded stubbornness is called for. It is not harder than other jqs per jump; it is just that this is longer and you have further to recover if you fall. So bring a lot of HP pots and prepare to camp, overnight, if necessary to preserve your forward progress. If you die, you go all the way back to El Nath, a frustrating experience for any player. Starting this pq over rates off the charts on the Suckage scale.

I learned many things form this mission, mainly about doing jqs, but also about life in general. So here are some tips that may help. You will fall accept that. You will have to start over, possibly many times. Bring mucho HP pots. It’s all about your body tension and the pacing. If you fall go back the beginning, in time as well as place. I mean mentally reset yourself and pretend that you are doing it for the first time. Then breathe to relax your torso and stomach muscles, since if these are tense at all, it makes your arm muscles jerkier. Now go. Not slow, not fast, but at a steady pace. You will learn where the hazards are; stop just before them and wait for the timing to be perfect. Don’t take a break unless you have to. You don’t want to “warm up” again in mid-travel. When you finish the first map, definitely take a break and walk about a little bit.

Now do the second. The hazards are somewhat different but the concepts are similar. There are a number of multi hazard spots; stop and watch. They are all timed differently so there is always a “best” time to go for it. After the hazard timing cycle replays a number of times, you will see what I’m saying. If you are an accomplished jq’er these aren’t hard for you; they are just long. Remember on the ropes that if you climb all the way up you are usually safe from falling hazards. Also keep the UP arrow pressed at all time son the ropes. That way when you get knocked off one, you automatically save a fall if you pass another rope.

You get 15 EXP and a breath of lava when you finish. Frustrated? Listen, I made it. So can you. When I did, I wanted to go do all the stupid jq’s in the game, since I was then king of the world! Thankfully I quickly came to my senses.

So now do Mission3. Easy. Did you get gold teeth like I told you to? Did you keep the breath of lava? Hand them over & wait a little bit. Boom you’re done. You have 5 Eyes of Fire. This is the ticket and sign that you are now qualified to make a run on Zakum.

Party Center #2: GPQ
(Level: VARIOUS)
(Suggested By: NEW GUILDIES)

Hello and welcome to the second installment of Party Center.  Today we’re going to talk about a party quest unlike no other.  This is the GPQ or Guild Party Quest.

GPQ is different in that you likely aren’t partying with strangers, although you can temp-invite strangers to your guild and then kick them again later.  The GPQ is also different in that you are treated to large parts of the back story that you don’t always get when going into these PQs.  (Backstory?)

A good way to start is too chat up your guildies on guild chat, seeing if enough people are online and can commit to the time it’ll take. Or perhaps your guild has a preset time for the GPQ. Just join in.  In our guild we do the first.  An organizing JM or the Master will announce an assembly time and channel.  The minimum number you need is six, but it is always good to have seven or more so that the PQ won’t be aborted if someone D/Cs.  

You will need at a minimum: 1 party of 6 consisting of at least: 1 level 30 or below, 1 mage with nearly maxed teleport and a Thief with DS.  They used to be a need for a Ranger/Sniper, but now 4th job mage with whole screen attacks can substitute. You’ll also want a lot of guildies who own at JQ’s! There are several stages where you’ll be to distraction if you are only so-so at them.  If your party intends to take on the boss, you also want a good number above 100 with attackers of 4k HP or better.

The place is out near the end of the excavation grounds which were added last year.  The entrance if you dun know is between Perion and Ellinia on the Rocky Road 3 map at the top right.  If you have gone to train on ghost stumps, masks, skela-dogs or skela-soldiers, you already know where it is. Once your group is assembled, party up although this isn’t necessary. The guild leader or a JM activates the quest by registering with the NPC there.  It is recommended that the person who registers be one who’ll be in Stg2., I’ll tell you why in a minute. You’ll see a Shield icon in the upper right of yr screen where the pot/buff icons are.  If you see that and aren’t at the site yet run!

Click on the NPC yourself and drop down to the entrance.  You will have to wait 3:00 minutes, so organize, or just socialize.  Then you see a notice that the instance is now open.  Go in to the first stage.  Its very easy, just hit the colored rocks with a regular attack until protector earrings are dropped. Before you exit to the next stage, equip them and don’t take them off unless you have to or you have a death wish.  It’s only a 1% penalty to die here, but that’s still 1 % you’ll have to earn back.

Now we are at Stg2.  This is the Gate Stage.  The party quest leader must talk to the Gatekeeper statue to start and register each of 3 levels of this stage.  This is harder if the leader isn’t participating in the stage, which is why I recommended that the leader be someone who will participate.   Why doesn’t everyone participate? Well, because success here absolutely depends on good communication.  The more people there are doing the statues the much greater the chances of failure.  Our guild just uses 2 people to do it.  It’s more work for those 2, but they are much less likely top screw up. 

On both sides of the Gate are 3 levels of statues.  Hooded sword angels on the bottom.  Horned beast heads in the middle and mini-gargoyle statues on the top.  You can safely ignore their differences as they are interchangeable as far as the puzzles go.  Once the leader activates the gatekeeper, the statues will sound out at random.  Once they are done you must repeat the pattern exactly.  Sounds easy no?  Well no it isn’t since the statues are spread out much farther than any one person could keep track of. This stage can’t be soloed.  You must trust the other person or persons to get their side right and call out that a statue sounded before the next one does or you order is screwed up. 

There are different methods for doing this.  Some guilds assign someone by each statute to keep track of whether it lights up or not. Some use codes based on row and column.  Some use mesos to mark them. Some guilds use just 2 people who remember the pattern and of statures on their side and their order.  Others write it down, but they have to be really fast.  Personally, I use numbered markers. We have found that the fewer there are opening the gates, the less chance there is of failure. All the methods are fallible and practice is required.  Our guild occasionally takes new GPQ’rs there just to practice this Stage.

So, on the first go there are 4 statues that sound out, pretty easy.  If you succeed then there are 5 next.  Adding one more makes it more difficult than you would expect.  If you succeed, then there are finally 6 statues. Failure means you start over.  This means there must be concentration and that is almost impossible when the rest of your guildies, who are likely bored out of their minds are bouncing around on your mini-map and spouting random non-sense.  Seriously you will find out your guildies’ general level of maturity and capability to follow instructions in this stage in a hurry.  I have had the personal displeasure of aborting a GPQ because somebody simply could not shut up.  They didn’t remain in the guild for long after that. 

Finally you’ve opened the gate! Rush in to the Castle proper to start Stg3.  This is the Hall of the Knight and there are many things that need to be accomplished here so the group will have to split up.  This is where new GPQ’rs are most likely to feel lost, so it will pay for them to listen carefully to this part and to get a guide or map to this area.

Basically there are four Spears of Longinus that must be collected and placed on thrones at the tops of fours towers to unlock the next Stg.  Three of these spears can be reached at the top of three different towers or silos in the Room of Faith. This is the Room on the main floor and it is where everybody not concerned with the fourth spear should go straight off. Each tower has different color lasers that will knock you down.  That is how many people tell the towers apart.  Others number or letter them. I know what you’re thinking. Jump Quests ugh! Go here even if you are not good at JQs. Here is your chance for some practice and some patience. Also if you just wait in the Hall you might feel lonely, lost or that you are not contributing.  Trust me anyone that is even trying at the JQs is participating and benefitting their guild. Perhaps not now but the practice will pay off in the future.

The fourth spear is beyond some undefeatable monsters, but there is a specific if convoluted way of getting it.  First take some of your guilds heavy hitters and perhaps a healer into the Room of Courage which is the room on the second level, to fight the Muscle Stones and Master Muscle Stones.  When you have killed enough of them a set of gold keys drops.

Take these keys to the locked door of the Room of Pledge.  This is the left room on the top level. Drop the keys and after a wait the door will open. The Room of Pledge has 2 levels.  At least one mage with any teleport is need on the bottom. They need to teleport past a barrier and walk right until the find a pile of rubble.  They hit the pile with a regular attack for what seems like an eternity until a box is uncovered then they hit the box until it breaks.  A set of rusty keys will pop out. They bring these to a thief that is waiting at the stairs to the upper platform.  This plat has special muscles stones.  Unlike the earlier ones they are basically undefeatable, being level 200, perhaps still the highest level monster in the game.  The thief however uses DS to go past them and drops the keys to open another door.   In the following room the thief can get the last spear.  Warning: you can only carry one spear at a time so if the thief has one they should drop it before heading across to get the last spear.

The Room that all these spears must be taken to is at the right on the top. It is the Room of Glory and each spear requires another JQ to be placed at the top of one of the towers or silos.  There is a throne like thing up there and you need to drop pretty close to the middle of the throne for it to work. 

There are two towers to either side of the entrance to the Room of Glory. I will describe them from left to right or ABCD as some people say. Tower one requires precise jumps from plat to rope to rope. I’ve heard that this takes Haste, but I can do it better without haste.  Tower two is a true Haste tower, easiest for a thief with maxed Haste, but I have done it a certain combination of my jump equips. Tower 3 has many levels of plats. Pressing the up key on one and only one plat per level will teleport you one level up. The plat pattern, from right to left is (warning close your ears to avoid spoiler): 2nd, 1st, 5th, 2nd, 2nd, 1st & 2nd.   Every other plat will send you back to the beginning.  Tower 4 is a teleport map, complete-able only by someone who is within a few points of maxed teleport.   They don’t have to be done in this order.  If you are anywhere in the maps of this Stage and you have the screen shake effects on, you will experience a small earthquake when the last spear is placed. That is your clue the next stage has been opened.

Now you are entering the Hall of the Castle proper and your next challenge in the 4th stage is to answer the Knights at the fountain of the Wiseman.  There are four knights and each could have one of four items placed in front of it to open the door to the next stage. The first two types of items, medals and scrolls, will drop from the dark ghost knights that will attack when the leader chats the NPC.  These will be big trouble for the lower level members of the party, so they need to go get the other two types of items on the upper level away from the danger.

These are in upper rooms to the left and the right of the Fountain.   To the left is the wine room.  One person can handle this.  Jump or climb to the various plats in this room which doesn’t allow haste or tele and break boxes to get four ancient wines.  To the left is the mess hall where apparently giants ate! You need to get Ancient Ingredient here, really its plates of rotten food.  I’ve found this is a fairly hard JQ jumping from the table top to the various shelves with knives and forks trying to skewer you at fast preset intervals. This room also doesn’t allow tele or haste.   Remember to get everything that drops right away as these items will disappear if left on the ground long enough.  If that happens you might need to abort the GPQ and start over. 

Back in the fountain room the higher levels will have started to solve the puzzle with just the first two types of items.  Sometimes you get lucky and the solution just involves the first two types.  But if not it might likely have been determined that not all of the foods or wines are needed.  Those JQs can be stopped if enough have already been gathered at that point.

The NPC will tell the leader how many are right and how many are in the right spot, but no more.  So how do you solve this puzzle?  I’m afraid that the various methods used, while fairly graspable once you’ve used them are not so easy to explain and this PC is already pretty long.  Instead I’m going to ask you to look at a guide, two of which are on the Hidden Street website.  Also you can look up the board game Mastermind on Wikipedia.  This puzzle is very similar to the board game, except that MS only gives you 7 shots at it, while Mastermind allowed you up to 10 tries in most versions. 

Every time there’s an unsuccessful guess two death knights will rush the party so everyone who isn’t strong enough needs to hang on the ropes if they want to watch.   If you don’t make it in seven tries a good size mob of them will attack and the puzzle resets, so it pays to master the reasoning involved here.  Our guild leader hurts, is a fairly logical type and uses a smart algorithm that allows us to solve in six or less most of the time. It’s a variant on the 5 guess method shown on that Wiki.  Problem is that I can never remember it when leading!  I really need to write it down!

So you get the right answer and a secret passage way opens to the sewers under the castle.   This is the 5th stage and the party will need to split up again.   This is where the grave of Sharen is. The leader talk to his Will, but to open the way to the next Stage you must gather 4 times; His highness’ Pants, Coat, Crown and Shoes.

Along the sewer there are four groups of opening. One opening in each group leads to a mini-quest to get one of the items.  The rest of the openings in each group will teleport you to some other opening or back to the beginning.  It’s very confusing with out a map, so I suggest you get one that maps which are the min-quest openings and shows t he teleport routes so you can use them to your advantage.

The mini-quest for the first group has you killing puppet golems with your attackers. They must gather 9 signs stone skulls and place them at the far doorway, opening a jump quest that had the Pants as its reward.  Past that is an opening to the door of the next stage.

The second groupings’ opening leads directly to another JQ.  This is a longish one that will yield the Shoes to the successful jumper.

The mini-quest for the third grouping can be entered only if you are below level 30.  If you forgot to get someone below 30, you may as well abort the GPQ here. I haven not been in it, but similar to the previous mini’s they have to kill a bunch of Devil Slimes and collect their drops.  These will unlock still another JQ that will yield the Coat.

The last mini-quest has a Master Gargoyle at the upper right. He will summon and drops weights on you.  He must be killed, but appears out of range.  Previously it needed a Hermit with Keen Eyes or a Sniper/Ranger to enter a portal at the lower Right which transports them to a tiny plat at the upper left that is barely within range of the Master Gargoyle.   Since fourth job is out a Mage with a whole screen attack can now reach him.  Once he is dead, Jr. Gargoyles attack.  Kill them, gather their drops, open a JQ which gives the Crown.

Ok Take all these things to the next map, which is Sharen the 3rd’s Grave and drop them on his skeleton.  Some say the order matters. If so, it should be from top to bottom: shoes, pants, coat and crown.  You’ve opened the 6th stage; finally time to face Ergoth.  To enter the royal chamber, you must sacrifice someone in front of it. Basically the lowest level or someone who doesn’t want to fight will stand in the middle of the top step and remove their earring. Boom instant death, but the door opens. To start the fight someone with a large amount of HP goes up to the thrones and breaks the crystal to summon his ugliness into existence.

For those who want to be safe, threes a crack in the pillar before the entrance way.  It will bring to a balcony above the royal chamber.  At the end of it is a wall of spikes that inflict a goodly hit on you.  In the middle is a turnstile that holds a giant chandelier above Ergoth and his minions. You used to be able to hit the turnstile and eventually it would drop doing some damage to the boss, but this seems to have been nerfed several patches ago, or at least it was changed and we can’t figure it out.

For the attackers who enter, Ergoth has several companions who will make your job much harder. There are two Lion Statues and Two Knight Statues, which are immune to all magics.  Ergoth is a master of magic attacks and can summon mini-reapers with viscous attacks.  He also summons the Dark knights that you faced earlier.  He can also Heal himself by quite a bit, so don’t let up once the fight starts. The reapers are somewhat avoidable as there is a symbol flashing where they will appear. 

There has been several strategies employed successfully that I know of.  There is the frontal assault with many attackers support by clerics and priests.  The healers should stay within range or even behind Ergoth as he is undead and will take damage from the healings.  Late last year when Mesos Explosion was all the rage, having a strong CB was the thing to do.  They simply piled up a huge amount of mesos in front of the throne and set in ME after Ergoth arrived.  The CB was supported by attackers and healers, but the ME did most of the work.   

Since fourth job once again whole screen magic attacks can do the job.   It takes a while and like in the other strategies you can’t let up or he will heal. But using this method of somewhat remote attack seems to keep him from healing as fast or even summoning as fast.  For the mages to be in range they will take damage, so it is good to have a healer present.

So you’ve killed him? Grats!  Now you get to go to the bonus stage.  Compare to what you go through to get to this point. This particular bonus will seem like a real let-down, even though you can get some nice scrolls & equips you time to break boxes seems to end almost instants after it started. 

So why do the GPQ at all?  Well each Stage get guild points that may get it onto the Rock of Honor that you see in every town. The gate stage will get 15, the Fountains stage will get you 25 points, the Sewer stage will get you 30 and a boss kill is 140 I think.  But you may say the rock is filled with high numbers. This quest isn’t as popular as it was when it was first patched in, and this may be the reason, but is one of the best in my opinion.

It serves an important function for your guild. It’s used by my guild to create solidarity and team spirit.  In other words you do it for guild and glory.  These things don’t translate into mesos or levels but they are in fact more important in my opinion.


Party Center #3: ACT (Colliseum)
(Level: 20-30)
(Suggested By: various)


Now, this isn’t spanking new or anything, so I’m sure many of you have already given it a go, but for those who haven’t, the Ariant Party Quest is actually quite fun.  Being the Ariant Coliseum, I’ve taken to calling it the ACQ, adding on that Q for Quest, but, for some reason, people have been calling it the ACT, short for Ariant Coliseum Thingy.


Strictly speaking, this isn’t a party quest, as you can take part in it by yourself.  In fact, it really isn’t as much of a quest as it is a form of PvP or Player vs. Player, but now I’m just getting ahead of myself.  Let’s start with the locations: Ariant, Henesys, and Perion.  These are the 3 cities from which you can access the Ariant Coliseum.  Once you’re in one of these cities, just locate the man with the turban and he’ll transport you to a waiting-like room, similar to CPQ’s waiting room.  Each channel has 6 battle rooms, as we’ll call them.  When you talk to the turban-clad man in the waiting room, he’ll show you the rooms, which are not currently being used.  These rooms will either say “Empty” or have a character’s name and some kind of level range.  The level ranges are in place to keep the battles somewhat balanced, and there are 2 of them: 20 ~ 26 and 27 ~ 30.  If you’d like to host a room, go ahead and click on one of the “Empty”s.  If you do this, a message will pop up asking how many people you’d like to let in.  I suggest you say 6 because being the leader, you’re welcome to start the coliseum battle whenever you want and you don’t actually need 6 people; it’s just the max.  If you’d like to join a room someone else has created, go ahead and click on their IGN and you’ll be taken to a room to wait.


So you’re in an Ariant Coliseum battle.  What do you do now?  Well right off the bat, a window will pop up with a couple of options.  Select the first choice and you’ll be given 50 capture rocks and 5 bombs and from there, you end up in this Pokemon-like battle.  There are 3 platforms arranged in a 1 on top, 2 in the middle kinda format.  The arrow on the top platform is a teleporter that leads to the arrow on the bottom (pretty obvious, isn’t it?) and the posts on the left and right platforms lead to the opposite side.  But enough about the map, let’s talk about the game.


So to play this game, you go around these platforms and beat on these scorpions.  Once you get their HP low enough you throw a capture rock at it and one of many things will happen.  If the monster’s HP isn’t low enough, you’ll get a message in the text box that you’ll probably miss.  If the monster’s HP is low enough, you’ll see it either FAIL or CATCH.  Each monster you catch will earn you 1 point each point is a jewel that’s been created by combining a scorpion and a capture stone.  The strategy of the game, however, mostly comes from the bombs.


First of all, remember that you only start with 5 bombs.  When you place a bomb, it appears right where you’re standing and it detonates somewhere between 1 ~ 5 seconds.  If you hit another player with one of these explosions, they’ll go flying and be stunned for a few seconds but not before they drop a bunch of the jewels, giving you time to pick them up.  But watch out, cause your bombs can hit you too.  If you ever run out of ammunition, you can always beat the living daylights out of the scorpions.  They end up dropping many useful items.  Of course, they drop bombs, which will replenish your arsenal one bomb at a time.  Other items you’ll see include a Fist, which will boost your weapon and magic attack, a Wing, which will increase your speed and jump, a Shield, which is a one-time protection against bombs (you’ll still go flying, but you won’t drop any jewels), and a Skull, which causes everyone else’s directions to invert.


Once time runs out, a scoreboard will be displayed on the screen with the match results and the players will be transported to Ariant Palace.  Here, you must talk to the Queen, who will accept the jewels you’ve collected and give you EXP and points based on the number of people, how well you placed, and the number of jewels you’ve collected.  Once you collect a total of 200 points, you can talk to the King, who will award you with the Palm Tree Chair that everyone’s all hyped about.  Once you’re done with all you need to do, just head left and go through the portals to exit back out to the waiting-like room.


That pretty much wraps up everything about Ariant Coliseum.  It isn’t difficult, and it’s actually quite a lot of fun.  But before we finish, I’d like to provide you guys with a couple of tips (mostly things that others have taught me).  The first tip is to be patient.  You’re only given 5 bombs to start and if you bomb the other players before they catch many scorpions, you’re not getting your money’s worth.  Secondly, use the platforms resourcefully.  Because bombs blow up somewhere between 1 ~ 5 seconds, use the teleportation spots to place a bomb and whisk yourself away.  Also, try to predict the movements of the other players and place a bomb before they arrive.  As a side note, fire sales don’t work.  Don’t try to save up a bunch of bombs and hope to steal enough of other players’ jewels to steal first.  It rarely ever works.  As a last tip, remember that the ropes are safe spots.  Staying to the middle of a rope will keep you from getting bombed but it’ll also keep you from being able to collect jewels.


All in all, this thing is a LOT of fun.  Going through it with only 2 people takes less time and gives you more EXP than the Kerning Party Quest, even if you lose!  I’ve been enjoying it for the past few levels, and I hope you guys will get to experience it as well.

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13 12 2007

OMG this is Long man warez you really worked on this

13 12 2007

Woah nice thesis. If only PQing was a college course i could copy this. xD nice.

15 12 2007

Warez, you OWN at making long, detailed, understandable guides. Wowz0rz! Great work.

18 12 2007

Umm…guy doing perfect zakum jump quest in 7 min

18 12 2007
Shravan & Warez

Warez here….
…not to take anything away from that guy….I mean he is pro and owns my best zpq jq by miles……but if you blow that up on a big monitor you can see about 1/2 dozen edit points. i hesitated to allow that link….. bad jq’ers won’t be able to do that. But I allowed it since it gives us jq noobs something to shoot for…..and its cool to see someone rock that jq! It is good for newbs to see that guy hesitate and watch the patterns at the multi-hazrads. Also to see him save falls at the end when gets knocked off ropes a few times. TY Generic!

10 01 2008

lol i just did the zjpq in 20min (fell twice) for the first time, much easier than john’s jpqs which took me over 4hrs (and gave up on his Last Request).

28 01 2008

I know almost everything about hpq. Where to put the seeds, which seeds come out from which plants… heehee

8 02 2008

Hey Warez, I found someone who did it in under 2 hours ;P

29 03 2008

uh huh oh yeah well i found someone who has neva donbe it ME!!!! oh yeah burn cant beat that bich mhmmm

17 06 2008
PreRo in Bera

Uh hey Waraz and Shreavin (i kno i spelt it wrong on purpose, and no i’m not going to apologise), it is PreRo from the Bera server here. I just wanted to kno that i’m a dedicated listener but there is 1 problem to ur episodes. You guys just don’t make them fast enough, could u either make them come out faster by working harder or shortening the episodes? Thanks.

p.s. And how did u Waraz (again) get to join this podcast?

20 06 2008

the imfamous 5 page long maple essay! *eyes start to shine*

21 06 2008
PreRo in Bera

Oh yeah and i play kms too (i’m a korean that lives in australia) and i know a few stuff that might be coming to gms soon. i can send u guys a map of the new desert. This desert is named the Nihal Desert. And i know skill of a pirate so yeah. Tell me here if u wish me to tell u some info to use in this podcast.

14 07 2008

WOOT another Australian!!!!!

How did you get in BTW?

14 07 2008
Shravan & Warez

We might already have what you got, but send stuff on both Nihal/Magatia and Pirate class as we could always use verification. TY


8 10 2008

On the ZPQ jump quest, isn’t it supposed to be 15k exp when you’re done?
it says 15 exp. O_O

10 04 2009

For zpq does everyone get 5 scrolls or just one person

6 08 2009

Amazing post i must say that was worth reading

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