Quest Corner

Quest Corner #1: Sabitrama & The Diet Medicine
(Level 25)

So you go talk to Sabitrama. If you don’t know who he is, he’s the guy sitting to the left of the portal that leads to the Sleepywood Hotel. He should offer you a quest called Sabitrama And the Diet Medicine. Keep in mind it’s a level 25 quest, so you won’t see it if you’re not there yet. All right. So you talk to the guy and he tells you to go talk to Shane in Ellinia. Use a scroll or make your way up through Sleepywood Forest and head over to Ellinia. Once you get to Ellinia, make your way to the top. You’ll find Shane guarding a house near Ellinia Station. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that outsiders aren’t allowed in, but for a few Mesos, it’s a whole different story. The amount he charges you will vary based on your level. To be exact, it’ll be 100 times your level. Being level 74 when I did this quest, I was charged an entrance fee of 7,400 Mesos.

You’re immediately taken to the Forest of Patience. Now…they call it patience, but I call it Hellish Torture. Either way, you’re forced to climb up miniature platforms. The challenge lies in the fact that if you go the wrong way, you’ll come across a missing step, which you won’t be able to climb. So starting at the bottom, here’s the directions you’ll have to go: left, either left or right, right, left, either, either, either. Once you make it to the top step, climb the vine while avoiding the bananas the Lupins are throwing, jump to the right once you reach the top, and head into the portal. As a warning, the platform-like branch directly north-west of the portal isn’t a platform so if you try to jump on it, you won’t land and you could fall all the way down to the bottom.

Anyway, once you’re through the portal, head right and grab hold of the vine. Climb it while dodging the bananas once again. From there, head left, but watch for the spikes that are emerging from the platforms on regular intervals. As you climb, you’ll notice that the spikes begin to come from above as well. Don’t let your patience falter and keep track of the timings. On the part where the spikes come out from the sides, remember that ducking is a VERY valuable skill.

After the spikes, you have thorns. A thorn at the center of every platform. My suggestion is to slowly inch toward each thorn by tapping the arrow key in the appropriate direction. You’ll hit the thorn and land at the very edge of the platform. Try not to panic when the thorn lurches you forward, because you’ll probably end up doing something that’ll make you fall. After the thorns, you’ll see more vines and more Lupins with bananas. Climb the vines, dodging the bananas, as before. When climbing down the middle vine, use your nametag to judge distances, if need be. Watch yourself at the end of that middle vine. A Lupin will be there throwing bananas to knock off anyone on that platform. Also, while the Lupins on the left-most vine are in sync, the other two vines’ monkeys are not. As a final warning, be careful as you jump onto the third vine here. If you jump too high or don’t time your jump, a Lupin can hit you off with a banana before you even grab on. Once you’re past all those monkeys, you have a few more platforms to scale. Double click on the flowers there and you’ll receive Pink Anthurium.

The prize for this quest is 3,500 exp, 1 fame, and a Scroll For Overall Armor for Def. The scroll will either be a 60% scroll or a 10% scroll. Which one you get is decided randomly.

Personally, I think this quest is one of the worst out there. First of all, it’s a Jump Quest, and we all know how I feel about jump quests. Secondly, this quest took me about 2 hours to complete. Accounting for the note-taking and my general stupidity, I’d say an average Mapler could finish this quest in about an hour and a half. If you just trained during this time, you’d gain much more experience. Then again, if you’re in desperate need of an Overall Armor for Def. Scroll or just love Jump Quests, this one’s perfect for you.

Quest Corner #2: Hanako’s Foxtail Wardrobe
(Level 25)
DaSwordKilla (level 46 – Bellocan)

First and foremost, let us warn you that this quest is so evil that most people give up, figuring it’s not worth the effort.

Ok…with that out of the way, let’s get into the quest itself. First, you talk to Hanoko, who’s located near the center of the Mushroom Shrine, and she’ll tell you about her want of a wardrobe of Cloud Foxtails. So you’re like “Meh…that’s not too bad” and you head out to hunt some Foxes. But it turns out that the map structure and the spawn rate there leads to you spending about 45 minutes to an hour retrieving these things.

So once you’re done collecting 100 tails, you head back to Hanoko and give them to her. Right after you talk to her she’s like “Oh wait. Gimmie more.” How many more, you ask? 200 more. So she just had you nab a 100 of these things and it took you like 45 minutes and now she wants 200 more? RIGHT HERE is where many wish they could kill NPCs. So drudgingly, you go back out there and spend about 2 hours collecting 200 more foxtails.

Finally, once you’re done, you give them to Hanoko and you’re at that point where you hate Hanoko for all she’s put you through, but you’re proud of yourself for pulling through and getting her everything she’s asked for. But then, she wants more. Again. This time, she asks for 400 foxtails. Oh hell no. But if you’re insane, you continue on and collect 400 foxtails, which takes you about 3-4 hours and once you return them to Hanoko, she’s, thankfully, finally pleased and doesn’t ask for anymore.

Now…when she set you out to collect 100 Cloud Foxtails, she gave you 2200 experience when you returned. However, when she asks you to get 200 and 400 more, you only get 2500 and 3100 exp, respectively. That’s a total of 7800 experience for about 7 hours. If you do the math, that’s about 1114 experience per hour, that’s 18 experience per MINUTE, which is horrendous, even for a level 25.

BUT WAIT! You’re STILL not done. If you happen to be over level 40, Hanoko says something about her wardrobe being destroyed by Dark Cloud Foxes. So now she wants revenge or something, so she asks you to go kill 100 Dark Cloud Foxes.

So you make your way to Zippangu: A Desolate Cemetary and you’ll find that the spawn rate is WORSE than before. There are practically no Dark Cloud Foxes. So if you cycle through channels, you’ll get your 100 kills in about an hour, and once you take them back to Hanoko, you’ll get 5 Toyoyaki, and 10500 exp, which completely, again, isn’t worth your time at level 40.

So all-in-all, if you have any amount of sanity or wish to keep what little you might have, don’t do this quest.

Quest Corner #3: Collecting Huckle’s Magic Ingrediants
(Level 30)
Shravan (bachelor collij stoodunt – RL)

Last episode Shravan made the off-hand comment that we should do a Quest Corner on a quest that IS worth doing. My immediate response was the Orbis Tower Scroll quest. I recommend doing this quest starting at Level 30 and continue doing it every time you need to travel in this direction and more often if you wish.

This will achieve different things at different levels, but first let me run it down for you, if you are unfamiliar with this one. Head right on the Orbis map as far as you can, where you will find the tower top. Jump up to the portal and go through. Jump down plats and you are in the entrance map area. Notice the goofy guys falling on failed parachutes outside the tower. You will see them all the way down. They are part of another quest, so ignore as a part of the typically surreal backdrop of the game.

The tower portal is in the middle on the raised dais with the goddess statue. The portal on the right leads to the OPQ waiting area, leave that for another time.

So I’m going to jump a head a little bit and tell you what you need to complete the quest. You will need to collect various numbers of shells from the different sentinel monsters that inhabit the upper half of this tower. I tell you in advance so you can collect them on the way down to meet this quest’s NPC at mid-tower. If you climb one the towers of the towers in Maple, you find that up is about 10 times as hard as down, so its makes sense to work with gravity and collect what you need before you even activate the quest.

So the first things you meet are the junior sentinels. These are the strong versions of the weakened monsters that were the first thing you killed way back at the beginning of Maple Island. The full versions are level 23 and give 40 EXP. You will need 45 of their shells and they drop them may be half the time. This is the most of any type shell you need, so get cracking. Luckily they spawn on many of the floors and you can accelerate their modest spawns if you are efficient.

Next you will meet the full sentinels mixed in with their juniors on the 17th or 4th floor down. They are lvl30 giving 55 EXP. You don’t need any of their shells, so just kill the ones in your way and continue down.

On the 13th and 12th floors respectively you meet the Ice and Fire Sentinels. They have the same stats as the full sentinels, but have elemental weaknesses as implied by their names. You will need 20 of each of their colored shells. So you will linger a while on floors 13 to ten as you collect them.

Finally you reach the tenth floor near the bottom of this map you see a circle reached by some small plats above some blue Ice sentinels. This is your way to the hidden street (w00t) that has the NPC. His name is Huckle and for some crazy reason he has been living here for years studying the monsters of the Tower and needs you to collect some samples for him. Well you already have!

Click on him twice. Once to activate the quest and after activating the quest and again to be rewarded with 3000 EXP and 5 Tower scrolls. The scrolls will activate the Scroll rocks that are at the top and bottom maps of the Tower. These are the 20th and 1st floors. You will be transported between them instantly saving your self much labor.

Right now however you are half way up this tower, so you have to walk the rest of the way up or down. Down is much easier. On floors 9 & 8 there more sentinels where you would likely hunt if you hadn’t on the way down. Floors 7 to 1 have monsters that are tougher for a level 30. You may have to avoid them on the way down. At the bottom you can go to El Nath, head out on the Aqua Road (w00t) or you can use a scroll and be teleport back up.

You now have 4 extra scrolls. You can save them for your own use. Or you can sell them. You can repeat this quest every 24 hours and so you can stock up quite a pile of scrolls if you wish. So you can count on their salability as its human nature to avoid work and if you’ve walked the tower a few times and are beyond training on the monsters there scrolling is very attractive. Basically what I am saying is that people are lazy. Not that this is a bad thing. They can make far more EXP by getting up or down the tower fast. You can make money by supplying them with scrolls. If you are poor, why aren’t you doing this quest, Instead of shamelessly begging? At a low level you can also make a fair amount of EXP doing this; from the monsters and from the EXP that you get for completing the quest. 3k isn’t much past a certain point, but it adds up if you do it several times a week. So if you’re Lvl30 or above head on over to the tower.

Quest Corner #4: The Soul Collector
(Level 85)
Warezlock (old fart =P – RL)

Newsboyfreak submitted an I-tunes review from some time back. NF says that that Ghost-hunter-bob is more evil than Shumi even and recommend against this quest. I must beg to differ; I think bob can be your friend!

Following up last episode’s Quest Corner of a quest that IS worth doing, I have another one that I had already mentioned. This is what I like to call the bob-quest. Like many worth doing it is repeatable. You have a few pre-requisites before starting this quest.

The first pre-requisite is a Level62 Quest call Collecting Free Spirit. Activate it with Bob the Ghost hunter who you meet right away in the Forgotten Path of Time I map, and then collect 100 of these happy ghost things from Master Soul Teddies, which are on the same map. Return them to Bob for 35k Exp. The second pre-requisite is a Level84 Quest called The Binding. Now you must collect binding brindles from Master Death Teddies. You only need 20 of them but the MTD are fairly hard to take down when you can do this quest. Return to Bob for 42k EXP. Now you have met the pre-requisites.

Every 24 hours you can now return to Bob and reactivate this quest. Upon clicking on bob, he prattles on & on for about six screens and then asks to find his Soul Collector canister, which he has lost. To do this you must kill at least 20 Spirit Vikings, perhaps more. This map is in the opposite direction from bob’s map and you have to descend thru Buffys, Baffoons and Vikings to get here. If you are weak to any of these, there are ways to descend each of these maps without making much if any contact with the monsters on them.

The Spirit Vikings are a Level93 monster on the Warped Path of Time 4 map. They have 50k HP and give 2100 EXP. The canister drops random all the time, but it’s only visible after the quest is activated. This means you may get it after your first kill or you may have to kill more than the minimum 20 to get it. This doesn’t happen too often; just keep killing them until you get it to finish the quest. While you’re doing this you may be lucky enough to get one of the decent drops that they occasionally give up. Foremost of these is the coveted Ilbi Throwing Star. This was in fact the main source for them before we got the Wolf Spider Cavern in Masteria.

So you can climb back up to Bob’s map or take the easier route, which is to use a nearest town return scroll and descend again. Upon returning to Bob he will thank you and you get 63k in EXP and one fame every time you do this. So note the time and plan to return in 24 hours and 1 minute from now.

Quest Corner #5: Mr. Wetbottom’s Secret Book
(Level 30)
Suggested by: Every dexless/luckless/whateverless jobber out there. ^_^

The most upsetting thing about going dexless or luckless or whatever is that you can barely equip anything. So to compensate for that, those who choose this path, must scroll their equips as well as possible. The Sauna Robe is one of these equips.

The quest kicks off in Sleepywood, in the VIP Sauna, to be precise. As a side note, the VIP Sauna costs 999 Mesos to even enter, so make sure you have at least 2000 Mesos available. So you talk to Mr. Wetbottom and he feeds you some sob story of this book that he lost that he wants back. So you head out to Ellinia, take the top exit, and go 2 more maps to the left. The first tree you come across shouldn’t have any monsters and should have a little boy named Ronnie. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about this book he took and how he doesn’t want to part with it unless he gets something in return. And like all little kids, he’d take food over books anyday. Now this kid doesn’t just ask for food….he asks for specialty-foods. He wants 1 Rina’s Unagi Special and some Fresh Milk.

Let’s start with the Unagi. Head over to Henesys and talk to Rina, the girl to the right of the haystacks. She says that she can make her Unagi Special if she gets 50 Curse Eye Tails and 5 Pig Heads. For the Pig Heads, head over (no pun intended) to Pig Beach and terrorize a channel while apologizing feverently for all the KSing you’ll most likely be doing by accident. For the Curse Eye Tails, I recommend you head to Ellinia and go back towards Ronnie. The Forrest North of Ellinia III is a tree full of Cruse Eyes. Hurry back to Henesys and collect your prize.

For the Fresh Milk, you need to get a diamond. Grab 10 diamond ores and get it refined or go pick one up from the FM. Give it to Rowen the Fairy, who’s located in Eliinia and she’ll give you some Fresh Milk, which looks oddly like a white potion….

Anyhoo…run back over to Ronnie, grab the book and return it to Mr. Wetbottom in the VIP Sauna. For all this trouble, he’ll give you 5000 exp, 10,000 mesos, and a Sauna Robe. If your character is male, you’ll get a blue one and if you’re female, you’ll get a red one. They have the same stats (30 W.Def and +10 Avoid) though, so it’s all good.

So go grab one of these things and if you can’t use it, poke at it with scrolls you end up finding during your training sessions and in the end, if you’ve scrolled it well, you’ll be able to sell it for a pretty high price. And even if you didn’t scroll it at all, you can still sell it for somewhere between 800 and 900 thousand mesos. ^_^


Quest Corner #6: Maya’s Concerns

(Level xx)
Written by: DaSwordKilla

Hi, its DaSwordKilla here for another useless quest from nexon!

I am currently a lvl 67 (almost 68 =D) page and this quest corner will hopefully be short.

I have not done this quest but i read it off of hidden-street’s website, which i usually do before i start a quest. It is a lvl 40 quest. This quest is so pointless and meaningless that is almost like a jump quest!


This quest is Maya’s concerns. The prerequisite for this quest is Maya and The Weird Medicine which is a level 15 quest which gives you a bamboo hat. Maya is located in Henesys, next to Grandma Benson in the house. After recieving the quest she asks you to get 50 holy waters, 20 Leatty furballs, and 20 cold eye tails. The holy waters you can buy easily , but the leatty furballs and cold eye tails are a bit of a stretch to get to. Leatty furballs can only be found (to my knowledge) can be found near el nath and in orbis tower. The cold eye tails can only be found off cold eyes which are located pretty deep inside the dungeon. When you return these to Maya for all of your hard work you get 0 exp

NO it isn’t a typo you receive no experience for doing these tasks.


If you don’t have anymore sanity left you will be sent on another errand from Maya. She will ask you for 50 antidotes, 30 fly eye wings, and 30 nependeath seeds. once again you can buy the 50 antidotes (i do not know where though.) The 30 fly eye wings i believe are located in the dungeon as well. For the 2nd time though you must travel to orbis to get the 30 nependeath seeds. Guess what though, all your efforts were for nothing and you once again gain 0 exp.


If you are an EXTREMELY TRUSTING PERSON who has already lost their sanity you may go on her third and final quest. Maya asks you to gather up for her 100 jr. pepe fish. These Jr. Pepes are located at the bottom of orbis tower and are lvl 35.


Congratulations! You have finished Maya’s quests. For your efforts you recieve a grand prize of 3000 exp and 10k worth of mesos! CONGRATULATIONS! 3000 exp is not even close to being equal to the amount of monsters you had to kill to get the items and 10,000 mesos isnt even enough to cover one trip to and from orbis!


If you once again wish to keep your sanity avoid this quest! (yeah sanity is a big thing to me)

27 responses

31 08 2007

Well,It’s not the worst jump quest…the anti aging medicine is,which may but Sabitrima above Shumi in evil.

3 09 2007

Hmmm, it’s okay.
Because Shumi’s quests’ main problem are the lasers, you’ve just gotta locate where they are and when they appear – and then, just mark the spot you’re getting to in your eyes and make sure you can get there before the lasers knock you off.

22 09 2007

you posted mine for the last episode!

22 09 2007

that is awesome

3 10 2007
Dylan M

First off I love your podcast, site, and growing community. Its good SOMEBODY finally did something! xD

In New Leaf city, you talk to a dude named subani. You have to be level 36 do activate the quest, but you might want to be at least 45 or so if you want to do the whole series.

Part A: you basically go kill a bunch of VERY easy monsters in Bigger Ben, wich is a huge clock in NLC. (taken from Big Ben in England somewhere i think.) ANYWAY. surprisingly it takes about a half hour at most and you get, most surprisingly, like an angel from frikking HEAVEN, a glove atk scroll 60%!!!

So before you go running for more, consider the following. you are about to activate a quest SO BAD that it wouldnt be worth it to ANY LEVEL CHARACTER IN THE GAME. I SWEAR. What you do is kill these over-the-top monsters called Electrophants, who are easy to kill but oddly, and most unfortunately for the quester, has a 30% chance of doing 500-800 damage to you, depending on your defences. you have collect 50 quest etc’s called Hyper Glyphs that the electrophants drop, and I averaged in my mind about 25 kills to find one. as a level 45 assasin it took me 3 hours to do it. and ALL YOU GET is some fame, 5 mapleades, (an extremely over-priced bad use item), and only 9k exp. Although it was strenuous, I gained a good 50% completing it.

Part 3: You do the exact same thing exept with these monsters called I-AM-ROBOT, wich have about 2000 HP and have an even smaller rate of dropping the etc, MesoGears Map. you do, however, get 5 MesoGears rings, a popular buff that you can use 5 times each until it dissapears. It gives you some attack, but not very much. Again, not worth it.

I hope you get this before you record your (supposedly) March 5th show!

Thanks~~ Dylan.

PS this isnt that other dylan , this is my first quest. I guess ill call myself dylan m. xD Byebye!

3 10 2007
Dylan M

yeah.. i meant this is my first post. this is my second f3

3 10 2007
Dylan M

Sorry for this triple post… but i noticed other people added their stats and what not. If anyone cares,

Level 45 Assassin

I also have a level 34 warrior wich was actually my first character that i made 2 years ago… and for some reason has blue eyes. I dont remember exactly but i think 2 years ago (version .24 i think) you might have been able to pick your eye color. NS though. okay enough… uh… ranting…. time 4 bed.


3 10 2007
Dylan M


17 10 2007

Quadruple posts?!?!? cc plz

26 10 2007

i happen To Think That “John’s Present” Is The Most Annoying Jump Quest Of Them All Given The Opportunity To Do The quest At lvl 30 From “John” In Lith Harbor, You Must Go In To Sleepywood Like The Last Time You Did For John And Touch The “Mysterious Rock” But This Time They Have Throwing Stars All Over The Place And It’s To See Them Because They Slightly Blend in With The Background. I’m Now lvl 36 And Still Now Every Time I Go There I Leave With Out Success. o_O That And Wat Is The Point Of “Jay’s Curiosity” Quest? I Spoke To Jay, Got Bob’s Shell, Spoke With Bruce, Spoke With Grendel The Really Old, Went to Winston But There Was Nothing There, Went Back To DMT To Speak With Gwin, But Nothing, Went To The Remember But Still Nothing, Now I’m Running Around With A live Snail In My Inventory And I Don’t Know What To Do

26 10 2007

Ohh I Forgot

lvl 36 With 70.99%

15 11 2007

Heya this is klaw/Jordan.

I by far think that the worst quest is John and the flowers. Get some different flowers for your mom, not some in a death trap of tobis, subis and CHAINSAWS!! thanx for listening to my lil rant

16 11 2007

The 2nd part in John’s Present is good at the lvl 30 req. since he give you the lvl 35 gloves for your job…

26 12 2007

MAplestory is THE BEST GAME I EVER PLAYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 01 2008

I think the worst is any quest in which you must collect octo legs. ppl are always going after them, so while its easy to kill the octos, you must find an open channel to do so.

Lvl 23
I dont memorize my stats

6 01 2008

i hate johns present quest its sucks …………….. by the way , I LIKE PIE

Who cares about stats?

17 02 2008

WHA WHA WHAA… bunch of babys.
jumping quests r easy.
you just cant b laggy

lvl 38

18 02 2008

I think one of the worst quests is lukes quest. That dang slacker knight asks you at level 15 to get 100 jr necki skins a couple octo legs and a salad first off the jr necki skins are impossible to get at lvl 15 you’re more likely to die than hit a jr necki and to get a salad you have to make a useless trip to the mobile store through the VIP taxi for 10k both ways as trying to navigate the dungeon will result in death.really this quest only becomes accessable in the 20s and not lvl 15 and by the 20s the quest isn’t worth it. ABOVE ALL DONT DO THIS QUEST!

29 03 2008

oh yeah well guess what…i have done ALL the quests that there are to do i am lvl 131 dk boo yeah bioch

31 03 2008

By far the Worst quest has got to be the quests involving Zakum. Yes you have to be lvl 50 to do, but imagine if you will getting to Zakum with 1.5k health.. nearly impossible especially for those of us with dits sins and Archers, getting to the PQ involve traveresing through Cerbres, jr cerbres, bains, Werewolves, lycanthropes, Jr yeti/pepe combos.. and coolies. Bains at lvl 53 did 1.5k touch dmg… and with my 1.6k health was a buzz kill.
quest 1} is great with a party and fairly easy to collect keys. the papers are used for deadmine scrolls, which are helpful though they take forever to get.

quest 2 } the pain in the royal rump of all things holy. the 2 map jump quest. the first map is fairly easy, but dont fall.. falling = 100 – 300 dmg per 3 secs while touching the lava, and this is continuious until you complete the jump quest, and wil hog up all your hp pots. go in with 1k pots leave with 12…
the second map requires PERFECT timing and if at the very end you fall /wrists because you have to start over (second map only but still a pain)

If after 17 hours you are able to finish this you are not done… you must kill minor coolies and collect 20 – 30 gold teeth, once done, you FINALLY are able to Zakum… Just try not to solo or even ATTEMPT until near 10x. even if you are lvl 50 there is no way you can survive zakum as he can 1 hit ko you even with HB. so all that time doing the jump quest was just so you can wait til you get 11x parties and go in with them,

15 04 2008
DarkZord of BROA!!

i gotta my past time , i loved the NLC quest….only the first one lmfao

15 04 2008
DarkZord of BROA!!

umm sry for 2x post….. but
lvl37 (maybe38? dun remember.)
Fighter, maxed rage 😛

7 06 2008

u should get sum tips on the warrior throne quest dats da 1 every1 has questions about. =P

21 06 2008

i like your podcast 🙂 lolz

26 07 2008

yay i got another quest corner 😀

27 05 2009

I love this thing

22trout (what do you know) Broa

lvl 40 cleric

standard stats with like plus 14 int or something like that.

25 08 2009

JUMP QUESTS ARE HORRIBLE!!!! the lv 20 shumi one isnt as hard and the 15 one isnt, but from there on there hell. me and my friend spend 6 hours on the diet medicine one!!! 6!!!!!! not 1 or 2…not even 4… 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not going to list any chars, stats ect. cause i got to many chars.(even if i just put 30+) ok i will but no names and only lv 30+ lv 48 assasin 38 night walker 34 dawn worrior 32 spearman 33 brawler 36 i/l 33 cleric and 39 Xbowman. OMG IM DONE

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