Broan Chapter –

First x expansions are done. We have room!

Founders of the Windia Chapter

Not the Founders of the Broan Chapter

Contact List:

x – ThatJasonGuy (Also try )

x- JM (Also try)

8 responses

9 02 2009

scania i need to make a char in your guild called winterwatcher that is the offical guild ambasador

10 02 2009

lol i have yet 2 make the guild… my ign is LnGam3Nam3/Poke2Kili btw. i will make the guild asap srry 4 the inconvenience. any1 interested in joining, plz post in here with ur ign =D
p.s. meh! i shoulda been 1st comment on this thingy winter! D:<

11 02 2009

lol jason its k im srrwy u can have it next time lol

also it would be nice if winter watchers are jr so i can add or kick if the need arises

27 02 2009

new main’s ign: lv 58 fighter- swordboy14

5 04 2009

I’m about to pick upMaple again and I lvoe the podcast…
AHippoHunter, level 73 Ranger

11 04 2009

if anyones in khaini im recruiting for the official ARR guild contact is :im the master

master (to be)-xxgomindoxx
Jm-warezfire (try warezlock,warezette,or mysticwarez in windia for more assistance
Jm-(to be):shimmeh just needs 2 make a character in khaini

…so if u are interested and u wanna be a jm u gatta contribute to the podcast and i hope to see some of u guys in khaini!!!

27 06 2009

Hey guys, Ive been listening to ARR ever since it began and I have always been lazy to ask if I could join the guild…

But anyways here I am…and I want to join the Broa guild!

Can I contact someone or someone can contact me IGN: MageTofuu

Are there any requirements?

17 09 2009

Can you add my G.I.R.L. thunder breaker? My main’s IGN is xXjohn101Xx. And my TB’s name is CaptainOnyx.
I’m on on weekend evenings.

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