Kradian Chapter

First x expansions are done. We have room!

These are not the founders of the Kradia Chapter

These are NOT the founders of the Kradia Chapter

Contact List:

x – aka LDW (Also try )

x- JM (Also try)

25 responses

12 02 2009

Really i just need 6 peoples to log in to create teh guild with me. Even if you are in another server, I would appreciate it if you could create a kradian real quick just to fill the 6 original spots. Once the guild is made/expanded, it will be easier to invite people and get everything organized.

Whisper DexiesinFtVv or ArtPhoenix in kradia if you are interested.
Or if I am on a windian character, I will be on the LDW char. (luvdawarez). I’ve got the meso set aside to expand the guild to 50 slots with an emblem, so all I really need are 5 other people to help start it up!

13 02 2009

rember do not forget the 1 winterwatcher i am always watching
thou shalt not defile warez name and arr for the winter wacher will come

13 02 2009

Ok, that makes 2 slots outta 6 filled! 4 more people make a kradian really fast plx.

16 02 2009

I might not be on at that time
but i have a mule that can join
Just Pm: GhostBanditX
and i will try to help
I would also be glad to add you in my alliance

16 02 2009

Sorry for the 2x post but
GhostBanditX is my main Kradian

22 02 2009

Hello Aqua Road Radio listeners. The name I’m submitting is my actual IGN in Kradia. I’m a lvl 84 chief bandit. Anyways, I made a guild in Kradia, by the name of Pixelated. I was planning to make it a guild to help support Aqua Road Radio in its Kradia chapter. If you would like to join this guild, or if you have any questions, please contact me at Hope to see you in Kradia. Happy Mapleing!
P.S. You could contact me in Kradia if you want.

26 02 2009

Uhm…we’re already trying to scrap together a guild. I’ve been trying for the past few months. (note, i only want dedicated listeners, not random people)
There seems to be a lack of support for a kradian guild =(
I guess i can re-state, PM me on my Night Lord (dexiesinftVv) or my page (ArtPhoenix) if you are interested in forming a guild.

28 02 2009

hi,I like your trying to make a guild and i would like to help and be in it uh,my ign is blue162 and(also using as my name)I’m lvl 20 archer and my mail is messed up and wont work so i’ll be viewing your response here.

2 03 2009

I’ll go ahead and buddy everyone that expressed interest in helping to form a guild. Once I have enough people buddied, I will announce a Set time to meet in orbis to create the guild.
TY to several of the people that whispered me in-game regarding ARR! Sorry I couldnt talk much, Newts 2-hit my NL.

3 03 2009

Hi,um im mostly on MS during the weekends but i have time to be on it this Friday maybe 2 hr.

10 03 2009

the name: iamathieflol, fighternub23 SACROSANACT FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 03 2009

Let me in!! im a lvl 33 Kradian GunSlinger!! I love ARR I hope Shraven will come back 😦


16 03 2009

Ok, 2 more. I’ll buddy you in game, and try to set up a time for everyone to log in to create the guild. Including me and winter’s mule, we would now have 6, enough to create the guild!

11 04 2009

if anyones in khaini im recruiting for the official ARR guild contact is :im the master

master (to be)-xxgomindoxx
Jm-warezfire (try warezlock,warezette,or mysticwarez in windia for more assistance
Jm-(to be):shimmeh just needs 2 make a character in khaini

…so if u are interested and u wanna be a jm u gatta contribute to the podcast and i hope to see some of u guys in khaini!!!

21 04 2009

Um i think we can all say that the Kradia guild wont work out that well because not many people have mains there… and not many people even play there too! 😦 The guild I started in Kradia is failing because nobody is active and they were all saying that they wanted to go to there mains…

13 05 2009

please wisp me i wanna join ~~ ChimcharKid

13 05 2009

Zomfg it’s QuaRoadRadio!!! 😀 AND ITS ON KRADIA. -attacks maplestory buttuhn- RAAARRRR!!! ZOMFG I SEE SHMOOF!!! X3333
Anyway, someone add me on MSN or something cause I really want Lakakalisa (Kradia~) in that guild!! >w<

13 05 2009

; w;
Ai wuff ARR. Catwoman ftw – w-
Kradia IS my main, anyway. It’d be a bit easier for me…? o wo
She’s lvl 32? Cleric~ ❤ anyway, I’d love to pq with ARR fans. Regular Maple people are getting boring. ; w;

15 05 2009

I want to join but I can’t contect the leaders. What is your actual name?

18 05 2009

I had tried to set up the guild a while ago, but there weren’t a whole lot of people interested. Currently I’m on a maple-break to concentrate on working full time and going to school. I’ll be back in september or so. If anyone else wishes to start a guild, I’ll be more than happy to provide a few of the funds (10m or so).

13 06 2009

Omg Ms isnt working on my cunputer right now for some uknown reason… im not gonna be able 2 play 4 a while.>.<

11 07 2009
Lakakalisa 83

1st of all~ I wanna join on lakakalisa98, kradia. Wootz. add meh.
2nd~ i cant sign up for basil. i click sign up and it dun let me. i are sad. :
4th~ sanku foar readin meh comment. Leesuh be happy.

11 07 2009
Lakakalisa 83

whups. dubble/tripple comment. sowwiez.

18 08 2009

I want to join. My IGN is Loramio.

6 02 2010

Guild died? D:

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