Let’s Party!

13 05 2008

     To celebrate the 3rd year of MS, the return of the prodigal Shravan and new episodes of ARR I hereby announce our Second Listener Appreciation Party!!!!  I’m thinking June 7, that easy to remember! It’s a Saturday and a new episode should be out a good while by then.  Hopefully that will be enough time for the people who don’t come to this blog-site, but just listen to the podcast.  It gives the loyal blog readers extra heads up; spread the word ok?  I don’t want to wait longer. 

      It will be in the evening, 4:30 PST (7:30 EST) is equally inconvenient to a majority of our listeners.  We need a better location; I am thinking that the bowman job place, where Athena Pierce is, would be awesome.  It’s easy for a new character to get to. If you don’t know where it is, just go to the HPQ area and keep walking right. It is a nice big indoor area that’s almost always abandoned and lots of outside area where we can spill over.  And I do believe that a person could spawn a MM there (subtle hint).   We will officially welcome Shravan back and I will give away some door prizes (You have to chat me on location to register for the prizes.)   Hope to see you there!