Episode 4 – A New Patch! (v. 0.39)

28 06 2007

Hey guys. Sorry this episode’s a couple of days late. I’ve been so busy with quite a few things, so I wasn’t even able to THINK about this episode until this last Monday. And I figured if I put it off for another couple weeks, everyone would be disappointed, so I worked as fast as I could to get this out as soon as possible.

Well…all that aside, A LOT has happened since the last episode. We had a new patch, which consisted of new places, new quests, and new Cash Shop items, so the News section is quite long. Because of this, the Rant is kinda cut short. But it’s about enjoyment outside training. ^_^

I received a few voicemails, which is amazing, and a MYRIAD of e-mails. I wasn’t able to read all the e-mails on the episode and I hope no one feels offended by it. It’s just that there’s not enough time in the world to go through them all. Also please realize that I don’t just read out the first few e-mails I get and that I attempt to respond to each and every e-mail I receive. =P

As for what Jared was asking about, the MapleStory Music, can be found here. ^_^

Well…oh…before I go, the Voicemail Box phone number will be changing after June 30th. I believe that if you call the new number before June 30th, you’ll get a busy/fax tone thing, so don’t call it and spare yourselves the pain. But…AFTER JUNE 30TH THE ORIGINAL VOICEMAIL BOX NUMBER WILL STOP WORKING!!!! So yeah…Both numbers will be in the sidebar on the blog, and the old number will be taken down after it stops serving its purpose.

Much love guys. Sorry for the wait.

~ Shravan Kovela

Aqua Road Radio: Episode 4



6 responses

29 06 2007

Oh yes and I almost forgot. Episode 4 was my favorite of all the eposides. Keep them coming. The recordings you insterted in were a little quiet. Either than that It’s perfect. I look forward to lisening to every episode


P.S, Sorry for 2 posts

I give it a √√√√√√√√√√√√+++++++++

14 08 2007

About that whole “lvl up so death doesnt matter” I think we all do that :3
Lol, I just got to lvl 31, and decided to take off all of my armor, and just jump into a mob of boars 😀

Sorry for th short post, It’s like 3:43 am – –
Im not into sleep deprivation =_=

25 12 2007

I think all the episodes where very good.

31 12 2007


19 12 2008

I’m sure no one hates you for being a couple of days late. Ha ha. There IS life beyond Maplestory *GASPLYKENOWAI*, so don’t sweat a delay. =3 This is a great podcast, and the people who listen should understand a life beyond this. I hope I phrased it correctly…

Late congrats on Priest!!!! ^^ I can’t wait until I get to Priest (I’m a lvl 42 Cleric on Windia, btw, but next time I post, I’ll probably be lvl 43! Wewt!) and it’s not easy.

Jeez, there is a lot of rarity among certain classes. I saw my first Fire/Poison mage just recently. MY FIRST ONE!!! Either they don’t play at the same time as me or there just isn’t enough of them. In fact, I thought I HAD to become an Ice/Lightning mage at second job, but my friend brought to light that I could become a Cleric. I’m a huge fan of white magi; I feel they are EXCRUTIATINGLY useful, especially to those with GARGANTUAN (if that’s a word) amount of HP, like Warriors (much love, power houses. <3) who don’t get fully healed very quickly with potions or chairs.

I’m proud to say I’m a random famer. When I wandered around and I notice it’s almost midnight, I wander around asking for something cheap (like 100 mesos, or a tree branch) and if they give it to me, I fame them. I like it when people are generous, even if it’s just a little bit.

Channel one scares me and my friends. We call it, “Channel of the Forbidden”. We stick to 15, because it’s a nice distance away (ha ha).

I love rain and any form of water, too (including ice, but I’d rather heal). I find the name Aqua Road Radio appealing. And since I love Aqua Road in MapleStory, it caught my attention even more so.

About word games, a difficult (but fun) game is where one person says a word (such as apple) and the next person uses the last letter ( ‘e’ ) for the first letter of a new word (such as eel). Just a suggestion for those who are interested.

I apologize for such a long reply, but I have a lot to say about this episode of ARR.

23 03 2010

Oh i was just remembering… i couldn’t listen to this one and i think 8 or 7…
When i tryed downloading them it said error=91571385718957(jk about the numbers) (just incase anyone was wondering…) yeah it said that… But anyways, if anyone still plays just….idk. Just… okay bye. -_-

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